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3 Benefits of Working with a Domestic Staff Agency

When it comes to recruiting household staff, the process doesn’t start with their first day on the job.

Rather, the process starts well before – with the creation of a job advert, the marketing of that ad and then the shortlisting and interview of potential candidates.

So, why should you consider working with a domestic staff agency? While the process of recruiting household staff is an intrinsically personal one, having a professional agency can help you to iron out your requirements and work out identify the best individual for the job.

To help you make your mind up about whether to use the professional services of a staffing and recruitment agency, we’ve created a list of top three benefits of working with such an agency.

1. They help to work out what you need

Are you looking for a housekeeper who can help manage your home life and dip into childcare, cleaning, cooking and everyday tasks? Or do you need someone to specifically help with school pick up and cover meal times, while providing a little ad hoc support with household tasks as required?

Knowing what kind of support and help you need around the house is the first step when it comes to hiring the right individual. From their experience to their skills and the kind of hours they are looking to work, this can make or break the viability of certain candidates.

2. Live in vs live out: which is best for you?

Another way that domestic staff experts can help is by outlining the differences between live in and live out staff members – and which could be the best option for you.

Typically, live in members of staff offer more flexibility with regards to their working hours and schedule, and require their own space in your home. Live out members of staff will commute to work every day and require more structure in their working schedule.

Depending on the space you have available and whether or not you need your staff member to be flexible with their working hours, a live-in position can be a good thing to consider – and will open your role to more potential candidates.

3. Access to top professionals in every field

The third benefit of working with a domestic staff agency is their access to the professional market. Most of the top professionals in their field will join a staffing agency to gain access to the best clients and top opportunities – meaning that if you are looking to hire, doing so through these agencies will often provide the best access to potential candidates.

What’s more, a staff agency will work behind the scenes to pair you with the best professionals in terms of skills, experience and a personality match – ensuring that you meet with those candidates that are the best fit for your family, home and the job you’re advertising.

For more advice on working with a domestic staff agency, or to join our agency as a new client, get in touch with the Graham Agency today.

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