How To Read A Micrometer Torque Wrench?

There are various types of torque wrenches available in the market but the one that delivers the maximum accuracy is a micrometer torque wrench. Before you buy a torque wrench with a micrometer in it, you have to know how to read a micrometer torque such that the tool can be set for correct reading. Furthermore, before you buy a torque wrench, you must visit Tools Duty website where you can get buying guide and reviews to select the best torque to buy at an affordable rate with maximum usage.


Steps To Read A Micrometer Torque Wrench –

Step 1 – Preparation

A micrometer torque wrench could be slightly difficult to understand and use but once you understand a mechanism, you can use it effortlessly. The first thing you should do while using a micrometer torque wrench is to wear work gloves. Then you should collect and study the manual of the appliances on which you are going to use the micrometer torque wrench on. You need to find out the torque applicable to them to fasten them perfectly.

Step 2. Understand The Torque Requirement

The use of a micrometer torque wrench solely depends on torque adjustment. The adjustment degree is what you can find on the manuals as specified and recommended by the manufacturers. You can apply that much amount of force on the nuts and bolts of the appliance for perfect fastening. Going beyond the recommended level will definitely damage your appliance. Therefore, before you beginning, get a proper understanding of the torque requirements.

Step 3. Understanding The Scales

When you know the appropriate torque to use, you can measure the force using the micrometer torque wrench. There is a scale on the wrench that shows the torque units. It is important to understand the reading. If it is showing 5 feet pounds, it means that the distance between two marked units is 10 feet-pounds. This scale is located in the shaft area of the wrench. There is one more scale of the wrench handle. This scale is influenced by the rotation of the handle only but the change is this scale can change the torque settings. For example, one complete rotation can change the torque setting by a unit.

Step 4. Changing the Setting

There is a lock provided on the handle and you need to unlock the handle before changing the setting. The lock comes generally in the shape of a grip and when the grip is released, you can adjust the torque. The lock looks like a lever in most of the cases. The lock is provided so that you do not change the torque setting by any mistake. You need to visit Tools Duty to understand the best micrometer torque wrench to buy such that the grip and all other features are absolutely top-notch.

Step 5. Fixing The Torque

You have to rotate the handle to fix the required level of torque. For example, if you want to set a torque level of 25 feet pounds, you have to rotate to bring the marker of the handle between 20 and 30 and then we have to make sure that the 5 units on the handle coincide with the marker on the shaft. That is it, and you can place the wrench on the bolt to fix it and you will get a single when the desired level is reached.

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