Challenge In The Business Of Muay Thai Camp In Thailand For Fitness Program

In the earlier years, once the Muay Thai fighter becomes too old that prevents them to fight and make money, they will be uncertain about their future. Most of the professional fighters came from urban villages and started training at the age of 13. This means that their experience about business and life is fairly restricted. Once they get older, the moneys that they saved are usually spent on drug addiction, gambling, and drinking. However today, by starting their own training camp, the seasoned fighters can now make a successful life.


Challenge and Opportunities in the Muay Thai Business

Before we proceed in discussing the challenges and opportunities in this business, you need to be aware about the principles that will guide you in successfully maintaining your Muay Thai and fitness gym. You need to pay attention to the consumer’s loyalty, the local’s nationalism, and the respect.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is often conducted in a casual way when you are starting a Muay Thai business in Thailand. The competition in this industry is tough that the other local gyms will not divulge information about their previous workers. Trainers are normally recruited by having a connection at the other camps since most of the Muay Thai fighters are well acquainted with each other. As we mentioned above, training start at an early age, so they are pretty close to each other.


Normally, the trainers are only being employed on informal basis. There will be no terms under the employment contract that will hold the employee and the employer. One advantage of this is that the employer can terminate the trainer immediately as soon as he failed to meet your level of business standard. The downside to this is that you can’t ensure the retention of the Muay Thai trained. Your staff can also leave your training camp without a prior notification that can disrupt the flow in your business.


Of course, you also need to consider the expectation of your clients and your workers. Generally, your trainer will be willing to share his knowledge and skill to the students. However, in return, the trainer is also expecting loyalty and respect. In case the student is not ready to provide the respect and loyalty, then the relationship of the student and trainer can fall out quickly which can affect your Muay Thai business. Make sure that you will be clear with regards to the employer-employee relationship that will result to an improved gym standard.

Finally, you need to look at the core strength of your business. When you have introduced the right Muay Thai trainer in your training camp, then the motivation and energy of your customers will also be in place. They should be able to take good care of the youngsters in their gym. Today, an increasing number of local gyms in Thailand are noticing an increase in the young trainees that came from overseas. A good fitness camp is Suwit Muay Thai because have many programs. By interacting properly with this kid, you can find ways on how to make this side of your business viable.

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