What Are The Style Icons Wearing This Season?

Fashion trends are always changing, but you can always depend on celebrity style icons to let you know what will be hot in the coming season. Let’s take a look at what some of the most fashionable celebs are wearing.



The Canadian rapper has made his comfy style fashionable, with fans and followers alike copying his baggy look. He is frequently pictured wearing jeans, a jumper and a jacket, which may seem a little laidback at first but when paired with some of the biggest high-class clothing brands, his look suddenly becomes more stylish. It’s certainly a memorable look, and one that is set to become even more popular this season.

Connor McGregor

McGregor is no stranger to the big brands and is rarely seen without Calvin Klein, Prada and Gucci clothing. He is not afraid to go bold, as the suit worn for the McGregor/Mayweather media tour proved. However, he can also pull of a classic look with a sweatshirt and jeans all whilst looking effortless.

Zac Efron

Over recent years, Efron has shown himself to be a fashion icon, especially amongst those with a penchant for sportswear. After bulking up for roles such as the one in Baywatch, Efron has opted to keep it practical yet stylish in a hoodie and joggers, perfect for the gym or as a casual outfit. It’s all about the comfort whilst still looking good.

David Beckham

The former footballer never fails to get people talking with his impeccable dress sense. He can pull off any outfit, whether it’s the casual t-shirt and joggers or the highly fashionable suit and shirt. For this season, a heavy jacket finishes off his ensemble, so if you want to follow suit you might want to look into mens designer jackets.

Darren Kennedy

He might not be the most recognised name, but Kennedy is most definitely a style icon. The style entrepreneur can usually be found writing a fashion column or presenting on TV, which means his look must be perfect. Luckily, his ability to mix several different styles, such as the casual jeans and hoodie combo paired with a smart jacket, has paid off, and now he is considered to be one of the biggest fashion icons in the UK and Ireland.

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