What Kind Of Companies Benefit From Translation Services

Global community has become the buzzword today with technology enabling people to break the geographic barriers and interact with each other meaningfully. We live in a world led by apps, websites, blogs, social media platforms and communicating with people across our national borders has become a breeze.

Businesses have benefited a lot by this wave of globalization, finding themselves in a position that allows them to expand internationally and reach out to a much wider audience. They can also tap into a much wider talent pool. A global economy calls for a globally distributed workforce and technology has made it possible for team members to network and collaborate with each other seamlessly.

Companies also have factories abroad where they might be outsourcing the manufacturing process. They could be planning mergers, or sealing other deals with companies in other countries. All this brings in the issue of multi-language communication into the picture and companies serious about a global presence need to invest in a good quality translation service. 

Experts at ATL, a language services provider supporting go-to-market activities, believe translation and localization are an important element in the modern marketing mix. It is important for companies to give that local feel to their target audience in order to grow and increase revenue.

Here are some of the companies that need translation services:


When you are working in a global environment, there will be many instances when you will need to have a clear understanding of documents that have been put forth you to sign. You will need to understand all the details of the proposal in this case that have been introduced by the vendor. This, along with all of the legal information, has to be translated accurately. Not only languages vary from market to market but also entire legal systems.It is because of situations like these that the legal industry is in great need for highly specialized translation service providers.

Information and technology

The information and technology sector is one industry where the geographic boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred.. In fact, the growth in this industry has surpassed the growth in many industries. The large numbers of projects being handled globally has also led to a huge demand for quality language service providers who can meet the translation needs of this sector. There is a never-ending need of IT companies that require technical documents to be translated into different languages as per the needs of the clients. 

Translation companies need to ensure that they are aware of the terminologies commonly used in the IT sector and specialize in discipline like user manuals, documentation and software localization. 

 Finance and banking

Technology has positively impacted another important industry – the finance and the banking sector. The big players in the market have been quick to ride the technology wave and have established their presence globally.

They are offering their products and services to an international audience and this has given rise to the need for translating the product information, financial data and marketing material into different languages.

Also, the finance and banking sector comes with its own set of language rules, terms and jargon. banking and financial world has its own language. Getting the translation right requires a deep understanding of the industry and the local markets.

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