Cardboard Recycling Is A Yes, And Here’s Why

Recycling should be a part of life. It must be a conscious effort for everyone to recycle every single day. It must be a routine therefore to recycle. There are already many that automatically sorts paper, bottles, and plastics. While that is good and idea, there must be another garbage component that you need to recycle still. And this is cardboard. Cardboard should be included in your list of recyclable items whether at home and at the office.


Cardboard is one of the most widely used items today. This is used to carry objects, transport goods and products. This is also non-toxic and also 100% biodegradable. Because of how sturdy the material is, we tend to reuse cardboards over and over again. Yet, when the component wears off and unusable, it is important to recycle rather than throw.

Why recycle?

It is a fact that 90 percent of products shipped in the U.S use corrugated cardboard. This is approximately over 29.5 million tons in this country alone. The major users of cardboards are big business with products that require shipping across the state. The properties of this material are bulky and also heavy. If all cardboards will go straight to landfills without the conscious effort of recycling, this can take up a lot of landfill space.

Because of its innate properties, this makes cardboard extremely recyclable. Aside from that, this is made up of non-toxic materials. Furthermore, this is also the easiest item to reduce, reuse and recycle. When not in use, this can be used for storage in garage and in houses.

Recycling is a very important initiative since this saves us from having to get another resource to convert to a new material. Aside from that, we also lessen carbon footprints on the planet.

There are plenty of uses of used cardboard. Since this is a fairly durable material, this can be used over and over again. Add to the fact that this is clearly made and made of high-quality materials. This has varied applications. This can be used a new paperboard and one can extract other paper-based products from it.

How do you get started?

If you don’t know where to get started with recycling cardboard and don’t have any ideas how it is best to call for third party companies that can do the recycling for you. A good example is OCC recycling from The Gaylord Box Exchange. They buy your used cardboard depending on its dimensions. The more boards you have, the greater would be the amount you get.

The Gaylord Box Exchange is the trusted company for buying and selling cardboard boxes. It is not only their aim to help lessen carbon footprints by taking care of those boxes but they also make use of this one accordingly. Other individuals can buy cardboards from them if they happen to need one. And you can always sell those boards that are in good condition.

This is technically a win-win situation for you since you can earn and also Mother Earth. So scour your house for used boxes and sell it this cardboard expert.

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