Using Shopping Carts With Accounting Programs

Using open source shopping cart software is an inexpensive way of creating your own e-store. Open source software like Woocommerce is not only inexpensive but also an effective way of designing and managing the storefront. You can easily organize the products in your store and have them displayed in any particular order or category as required. However the problem with most open source shopping cart software lies in the fact that they do not come equipped with accounting software like their expensive counterparts. Accounting software allows you to manage your finances, product prices and helps in generating the invoices. Accounting programs like QuickBooks, Xero or Peachtree keep track of all your expenses and income. For the purpose of tax calculation you are required to keep track of each and every sale made. There are two ways in which it can be done; manually or automatically.

Why use shopping carts with accounting programs in tandem? 

Products which have been sold in your store through Woocommerce have to be recorded somewhere. This can be done manually or automatically through integration of the shopping cart with the accounting program. Manually recording sale of each product can be troublesome and even lead to errors. Automatic entry of the data eliminates any possibility of the error during reading and recording of data. There is added benefit that this is fast and makes for efficient transactions. There are numerous solution providers willing to provide integrated shopping carts with accounting programs for minimal monthly charges. Moving your data easily between stores and accounting program with such integration is simple and effective. This kind of control over your business lets you produce maximum results with minimum effort. It also depends on the level of your business as to how you choose for the data to be entered. A business dealing in a few sales is unlikely to have shopping cart and accounting software integrated together whereas a business dealing in a high volume of sales is likely to have automated data entry through integration of both.

Advantages of using accounting programs with shopping carts

The largest advantage of such a relation is that all your finances and online store can be managed easily. With automated features you can streamline the orders placed through a store and have invoices generated automatically by the accounting software. Synchronization of data between store and accounting software eliminates redundancy, quickens the process, generates the invoices and prevents errors. This results in improved response time, transparency in sales and delivering of the product to the customer. By keeping a record of each sale, you are able to correctly calculate taxes and therefore suffer no issues later on. Moving data smoothly between store and account makes for updated stock and determination of the availability of the products. Integration of shopping cart and accounting software also lets customers track their orders and view their previous order history.

For running your e-store smoothly and successfully you require not only shopping cart software such as woocommerce quickbooks but also accounting software. Data synchronization between store and account can lead to a successful business endeavor. Record your sales and automatically generate invoices for each sale. Keep your finances in order and manage your store without any hassles in an integrated shopping cart and accounting software system.

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