4 Alternative Staff Benefits To Incentivise Your Team

Incentivising your team, rewarding them for a job well done and actually getting them to perform consistently at their best is one of the biggest challenges business owners face. Competitive rates of pay, bonuses and generous holiday leave have always been a staple of staff incentives, but a number of firms are also looking for an alternative range of benefits that can really make a difference to the happiness, productivity and motivation of their team.


As well as keeping existing employees happy, alternative staff benefits can also be a powerful tool when it comes to attracting and recruiting the talented workers you need. But just what kind of perks does the modern workplace offer? Let’s take a look at a few popular options…

  1. Flexible working opportunities

Having the ability to work flexibly is one of the most important perks for the modern employee, with many wanting changes not just to where they work but also how they work. Research shows that 76 percent of employers in the UK now offer at least one form of flexible working and in fact, 50 percent of workers now work outside the main office for 2.5 days a week for more.

Flexible hours, early finish Fridays and even the ability to condense a five day week into four days are all examples of flexible working benefits that currently exist. Consulting your team to find out what flexible working means to them is an excellent place to start.

  1. A workplace fruit supply

It probably hasn’t escaped you that healthy eating is more popular than it has ever been before. Employees do not want their workplace to detrimentally affect their lifestyle or health, and if your business premises are located on a trading estate in the middle of nowhere, that’s a very real risk.

One benefit that’s becoming more popular in the UK is providing free healthy food for employees to eat at work. Workplace fruit suppliers deliver a regular supply of fresh fruit to keep workers happy, healthy and hopefully, productive. There are proven benefits to having a supply of fresh fruit at work both for the employees and the business itself.

  1. Paid leave for volunteer work

Many employees, particularly younger workers, have more of a social and environmental conscience than ever before. People want the opportunity to give back as much as they can. Employers that allow workers to take time off to volunteer or work in the local community not only demonstrate their commitment to the community but they can also benefit from the relationships that can develop with influential local groups.

  1. Childcare benefits

For many employees, the flexibility of an employer in regard to childcare arrangements can be the most important factor when deciding whether to stay in their current role or look for work elsewhere. To improve the retention of their most talented employees, many larger companies are now offering childcare on site as a benefit for those with young families. With private childcare expensive, difficult to find and not always easy to arrange around existing work commitments, this can be an extremely effective way to incentive and reward the team.

What are some of the most effective employee benefits you’ve seen? Would staff incentives influence your decision to take a role? Please share your views in the comments below.


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