A Guide To Metal Pressing

What is Metal Pressing?

Metal pressing (or stamping as it is commonly known) is the process of placing a sheet or coil of metal into a specialist pressing (stamping) machine whereby it is shaped into a desired end product.


The finished effects vary according to the types of die used; the metal may end up embossed, bent or even flanged. Metal pressing, thanks to the use of bespoke dies, is an extremely adaptable process able to cater for a range of generic or specific demands.

However, the simple ‘press’ has evolved …

  • Metal pressing today

The innovation of metal pressing really opened the way for inexpensive mass produced parts, it was a process especially influential in the expansion ofthe motor industry. Whenever demand is high supply has to keep up!

The development of pressing tools and machinery had to keep pace with high demand and the drive for inexpensive parts. So much so that today’s metal pressing machinery and techniques are simply mind boggling.

With the advent of computers and robotics metal pressing has become an extremely high tech and specialist industry; modern ‘pressing’ machines are state of the art wonders, capable of many, many complicated tasks such as barrelling,production of threaded bars, intricate knurling etc. etc.

Much of the design process takes place on computers, precision 3D images are created to meet specific requirements; this saves time, money and eliminates potential hiccups.

Computers form a very valuable part of any up to date engineering company; computes can talk with and control machinery, robots and even access YouTube! These computer numerical control systems (CNC) are essential to the efficient running of any modern engineering business.

  • The human element

Metal pressing is not all about computers, nor sci-fi funky robots and machinery. There’s always the essential human element to take into consideration.

The operators need to be fully trained and qualified to a very high level of expertise. So, should you have a ‘pressing’ problem then be sure to find a company with all the right credentials.

That’s a company with an in-depth knowledge of engineering ingrained from many years of hands-on experience.

Ask these questions:

  1. Can the company deliver upon your requirements?
  2. Has the company a sound track record?
  3. Does it employ the best of the best?
  4. Has it a wide range of machinery and services?
  5. Are they helpful and enthusiastic!

No matter what your needs a top engineering company will readily undertake any challenge and ultimately deliver high quality at the right price.

  • A recommendation

Finding the right company can take a while; let’s be honest, the internet is awash with the good, the bad and the ugly. To save you time and unnecessary stress here’s a recommendation for you …


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