How To Use Whiteboard Animation To Explain Your Service And Offering

Video content marketing has seen a tremendous rise in the past years, mostly because people are preferring to access the Internet while multitasking or while on the go. Mobile has been the medium of choice, which is why Google has mandated a new mobile-first policy that requires all websites to be mobile-responsive if they ever want to be prioritized for search engine listings. All that said, companies are seeing the value of creating attractive promotional videos to reach a wider market. Whiteboard animation often comes out on top of preferred methods of presentation.


A whiteboard animation video, created and used in a professional setting, can change the course of a brand’s life. While the key point of such content is to inform and educate, audiences get easily attracted and influenced by a well-made video, as opposed to reading about it or just seeing still photos. How can you take advantage of video animation to explain your product or service?

To explain the highlights of your brand

A well-made whiteboard animated explainer video is proven to be effective in showcasing what your company is all about, as well as the best features of your brand. Professionals recommend that such videos be limited to 2 to 3 minutes to truly hold your viewer’s attention and to ensure better recall. That said, it is important to keep your video’s concept simple but message deep and meaningful.

To advertise and reach a wider market on social media

Because everybody is using social media channels for just about anything these days, whiteboard animation videos will help you stand out. You can start with your own network and post short videos with a high shareable quality. The more people share your videos, the better mileage your brand gets. This is why you should place effort in the conceptualization process of your content, to ensure that it will turn out to be something that the social media community with want to share and pass on to their friends.

To make your presentations and pitches more persuasive

Whiteboard videos, beyond their online purposes, can also be used to make your office presentations or sales pitches easier to understand and more engaging. Instead of using boring slides and Powerpoint presentations, videos offer a fresh and fun way to disseminate information in a way that is more memorable. If you’re preparing to pitch to a major potential client, it would be best to have your video done professionally to ensure that all bases are covered.

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