Bulky Insecure Manual Paper Logs Or Fully Integrated Visitor Management System?

Yes, you heard it right it is high time you ditch your heavy old fashioned paper registers with all new smart and secure visitor management tablet kiosk. Still if you are using paper logs and a receptionist to handle them then you may reconsider your decision and start using a more efficient method. There are many reasons to support what I have just told you-

1) Paper log entries are exhausting and at times intimidate your customers:-

When a guest arrives at your doorstep its an opportunity to impress them with the best Visitor management system that works at ease of a touch, rather than making them scribble their personal details on paper logs that sometimes can irritate them as it is dull and boring way to welcome any person.

2) Paper production involves deforestation that is a big harm to mankind:-

Log books and registers are heavily stuffed with paper so that they can store more and more amount of data. On the other hand the latest technology of visitor management system cuts down the usage of paper and other people used to handle these logs. It is evident that we can’t entirely omit out paper from our offices instead we can surely reduce its usage.

3) Visitor data can’t be kept classified:-

Tthe information provided by them confidential whereas on the other hand guest management system is quite opposite where customer data is secure and not shared with anyone.

4) Visitor data gets decentralized with every new log book:-

Having multiple manual log books at your reception makes it very difficult to track any information in future whereas the all new visitor management solution keeps the data assembled and secure which can be fetched at the ease of touch.

5) Poor handwriting remains a significant problem:-

Paper log entries are at times illegible and very hard to decipher.On the other hand visitor tracking system is very compliance friendly that can track every single intruder.

6) Paper log books are inconsistent and there is always room for errors:-

Manual logbooks store important information that can serve as a reference in the future but at times data entered may not be enough to provide details due to improper filling and lack of clarity whereas digital visitor registration systems are time saving and are capable of data collection and generating customized reports.

Therefore, it is simply a matter of decision that whether you and your employer choose to adapt fully integrated visitor management system. When we look at pros and cons of each system you get to know that visitor management systems are very reliable and once you get used to them, there is no looking back.

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