Looking For A Restaurant Linen Provider? Consider These Things

For restaurateurs, the importance of choosing the right linen provider should not be underestimated. Many patrons will judge a restaurant’s calibre not only on its food, but also on its linen, cutlery, furnishings and fittings.


Quality linen creates a feeling of luxury, and this is especially important in a more exclusive restaurant. Cheap linen that wears badly shows off a restaurant in a bad light, and it can also look dirty and unhygienic. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a linen provider for your restaurant.


A good linen provider will have stock of a great selection of products designed to suit all requirements. They will also have a range of linens that will work with your decor and will consistently have stock of items you need. A supplier that often changes runs and stops stocking certain colours, patterns or styles is not good in the long run; consistency is essential. You’ll want your linen to always match. If you’re stuck with insufficient stock, you’ll have to buy an entire new set simply to ensure all tables are covered and uniform.


With an increasing focus on the source of fabrics, it is important to ensure that your linen provider is well established and not a fly-by-night enterprise. Take note of the size of their operation, the length of time they have been in business, and any other factors that may cause them to be reliable – or unreliable – in the long run.

Customer Service

Whether you want tablecloths to match your commercial wine coolers sourced from a site like fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-wine-coolers or you want to ensure that the thread count of your order is high enough to be considered luxurious, good customer service is essential. A supplier that knows their product and can look after you in every way is crucial to smooth operations and peace of mind.

Quality Control

A good linen supplier must be consistent in its quality and always be able to guide you in finding the products that will work best for your restaurant. If you need durable linen that stands up to the rigours of a buffet or the challenges of ribs and other messy foods, you’ll need to know that the quality of the product supplied is superior and that it won’t simply fall apart after a few washes.

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