Keeping Outdoor Storage Clean With A Fiberglass Dock Box

Dock Boxes

As a boat owner, one of the essential items one should have in their boat is a dock box. Dock boxes are a perfect way to store items one’s boat on the outside without having to worry about their safety. Quality dock boxes keep items safe and protect them against weather elements that may cause damage such as moisture and extreme sunlight. Dock storage boxes come in different varieties depending on the size and type that one wants. Keeping dock boxes clean is, however, the trickiest part of it all. If one does not use dock storage boxes properly, they may end up disrupting the cleanliness of the boat or one’s deck.

Cleaning dock storages

Modern fiberglass dock box is easy to clean because they are weatherproof and can resist heat and cold. Their interiors are also made of smooth finish that makes the overall cleaning process much easier. When cleaning a fiberglass dock box, it is essential to use cold water and a detergent that is not mild. Clean the interiors with a soft scrub to maintain the smooth finish it has. The detergent one uses can be the same as that used to clean tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. After cleaning with the detergent, use soft linen cloth to wipe down the excess soap. Rinse off the soap with water from a hose pipe. Once the dock is rinsed, wipe off the excess water with paper towels. It is essential that all moisture is removed as it may affect the smooth finishing on the inside. To be extra cautious, allow the dock to air dry for sometime before filling it with items.

Things to note

One should note the following things when cleaning their dock boxes:

  • Do not use bleaching agents as detergents because it will cause the chlorine to breakdown over time.
  • Do not use a rough sponge or a scrub to clean the dock because it scratches the smooth finishing and stains will penetrate.
  • Do not leave moisture in the dock after cleaning. Instead, let it air dry till completely dry.
  • Never place food or drinks in the dock whether after cleaning or before. Foods attract insects regardless of how clean the dock is. This results in the growth of molds.

Modern Dock boxes

Modern dock boxes are highly durable and discreetly clean. They compliment the exterior area of one’s deck and allow one to store items for their sale. It is essential always to pick the right size for one’s dock storage. For instance, if one wants to store masts, they need to go for long dock boxes. Another way of keeping the dock clean is by using trays and dividers to hold items. This allows one to arrange items in the dock correctly, and make it easier to find items. Throwing in items in the dock box is not recommended because the items may break or get damaged. Also, it will be difficult to get items when one needs them.

Keep the dock box clean and ready for a fun adventure in the water. A clean dock box will save one a lot of worries and keep items safe and secure throughout the sale. Always ensure that the dock box is closed when not in use to avoid water from getting in. One can lock it with a padlock for extra security or a combination lock. Take the dock box home when winter arrives, and the boat is at the shore. This increases its life span and ensures it serves its functionality for many more years.

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