Why Translation Is Essential For Your E-commerce Site

Whether you have owned your e-commerce site for several years or have recently opened your shop online, translation is an essential part of your business. While translating your product and service descriptions to another language can seem daunting, you don’t have to do it alone. There are several e-commerce translation businesses that will do it for you, giving you peace of mind that the translation is correct. Here, we’re taking a closer look at why you should consider translation.

Target Market

An important aspect of your e-commerce site is your target market. Regardless of how your site is designed and the content you place on each page, your target market should be at the forefront of your mind. With translation, you can rest assured that your e-commerce site is suitable for people to use across the globe, regardless of the language they speak. This can open up new opportunities as a greater number of people can access your products and services. In turn, this will help to generate more leads.


Although this is not the most beneficial aspects of offering translations, it can sometimes have an effect on your ranking within SERP’s. This will help with future business opportunities as it will provide your business with increased exposure. This is beneficial from an SEO point of view as it will help to build brand awareness and ensure customer retention rates are at a high.


With translations on your site, you are more likely to see an increase in the number of conversions on your E-commerce site. This is beneficial for your brand as this will boost brand awareness all over the world. An example of this is major brands such as Pandora and Nike offering translation of their web pages for different parts of the world.  This feature helps to boost engagement in certain parts of the world as well as offer people the chance to buy into the brand that they otherwise would be limited to.


It is also important to segment your target audience as this can help you target the countries in which you have the most engagement and build your brand from there. If you waste your time translating for all pages, you could run into translation errors. Therefore if you translate specific pages first, you can ensure that you target the areas with the most sales before moving onto the smaller areas. Segmentation ensures that you are aware of your target audiences and can not only be done by location but also lifestyle and psychographically based off of buying habits.

Each of the above points is all ensure that you have the best chance of gaining customer retention as well as expanding your target market gradually. If you stick to each one of the above points and continue to sell high-quality products you can ensure that you will build your company gradually and build the relationship between customer and company.

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