Small Bits Add Up: 10 Ways To Earn Bitcoin Online

Earning substantial amount of Bitcoins online is not always easy. However, if you put your mind and effort to it, you can succeed in earning quite significantly. And if you have some money in US dollars and would love to convert it into Bitcoins, there are platforms meant specifically for that. However, these options only work if you have a Paypal account. On the other hand, creating Bitcoins from scratch will require you to sacrifice your time and effort since nothing comes easy. If you are wondering about the various ways you can earn Bitcoins online, then here’s how:

Online Trading

Trading is a cost-effective and legit way to earn bitcoins online. The idea is quite simple, although it requires so much awareness and analysis for one to succeed. The idea here is to diversify and invest in different crypto-currencies when they are offered at low prices and selling them when their prices spike. By so doing, you’ll be in a position to earn Satoshi which you can sell for profit and earn some bitcoins.


Mining is the process of releasing bitcoins into circulation. This process involves solving a difficult computational puzzle so you can unveil a new block that will be added to a blockchain. The rewards for solving the puzzle are in the form of bitcoins. When mining started in 2009, you needed the regular desktop to generate the bitcoins. However, with time, the mining process has become more difficult. To combat a difficult mining level, there is a faster hardware such as the Application-Specific Integrated Circuits and advanced processors such as Graphics Processing Units you can use.  

Work for Bitcoin

One of the most efficient ways to earn bitcoins online is to work for it. Whether or not you are a professional, you can begin working for bitcoins anywhere anytime. There are various websites and platforms which can offer bitcoins for your services. Some of these include XBTFreelancer, Coinality, Jobs4Bitcoins, among others.

Use of PayPal

Peer-to-peer marketplace places involve so much, and it is always advisable to assess every situation, take risks, and vet partners. All these processes require your time and effort. However, accessing bitcoins through the use of PayPal has made it possible for people to get bitcoins. The use of third-party platforms that are reputable and trustworthy, along with PayPal has lessened the burden of getting bitcoins. Dependable online platforms use PayPal to help you address the issues you’ve always had with peer-to-peer marketplaces, offering new levels of security, convenience, and speed. By automating the whole process in a systematic way, platforms that avail bitcoins via Paypal go far beyond what is offered by other peer-to-peer programs. After an offer has been accepted, everything is immediately taken care of and bitcoins are availed right away. Instead of hassles, frustrations, and waits, you now have the option of accessing bitcoins online, while still enjoying what other online payment methods have to offer.

Earn By Helping Others


This technique is a revolutionary way to earn bitcoins, especially when you are excellent in online research. Desktop and mobile platforms such as Bitfortip can help you earn some bitcoins. With Bitfortip, you can earn bitcoins by answering the questions asked. Earning bitcoins by helping others is an easy and straightforward process.

Micro Earnings

Micro earning is a simple niche to get into, although it is often time-consuming. Techniques belonging to this group often take up so much time and their bitcoins pay is fairly small. Even with so much time on your hands, micro earning will most likely not create the level of income you desire. Moreover, websites paying out micro earnings are often associated with malware, so you need to take all the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t fall victim of viruses and malware. Despite all that, micro earnings can give you some bitcoins which you can use for your intended purposes online. The small amounts you get from your micro earnings can be supplemented with whatever is earned elsewhere.

Contracts for Difference

CFDs are similar to day trading, although different since you do not need to buy bitcoins. You may purchase bitcoin CFDs using brokers such as AvaTrade or plus500. The idea here is to buy a contract (rather than the actual asset or bitcoin) so you do not need to handle the bitcoins. With contracts for difference, you can short-sell, meaning you can earn profits from sells when the prices of Bitcoins increase.

Offer Something for Bitcoins

An easy way to earn bitcoins online is to sell a service or product for crypto. For instance, if you are an online entrepreneur, you can decide to accept bitcoins as payment on your website. This is usually an easy and hassle-free process especially when you know you are offering dependable services or products.


You can also earn some bitcoins through gambling. There are numerous gambling sites that will willingly accept your money for the opportunity to land yourself the bigger pot. The advantage of gambling is that you do not need any special skills to do it. The downside is; there’s a high chance you’ll end up losing your bitcoins in a quest to finding more.

Playing Games for Bitcoins

Apart from gambling, there are numerous bitcoin games which do not require you to make any investment, and yet allow you to earn bitcoins while playing. You can think of these games as fun faucet since at the end of it all, you may end up earning so little. Some examples of bitcoin games include Coinbrawl, ChpCoin, and Bitcoin Aliens, all of which can make your task of earning bitcoins fun.

Final Word

The above are some of the possibilities of earning bitcoins online. As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing like free bitcoins. In each of the options provided in this article, you’ll notice that earning bitcoins online will either cost you money or time. Therefore, if you are looking to earn yourself some bitcoins, you should be ready to spend your time, effort, or money in doing so.

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