Inside MMBF Trust’s Enterprise Scheme – MM Enterprise Award

Initiated by the London based Philanthropist, Matthew C. Martino had quite a successful year with his charity project, the international charity MMBF Trust which provides assistance to any aspiring youth artist to kick start their career growth. Now the news has been confirmed that they would expand with a new supporting enterprise project for young people. The project has been named as the Matthew Martino Enterprise Award or ‘MM Enterprise Award’.

In direct partnership with Matthew C. Martino and under the umbrella of the MMBF Trust, the award is an innovative entrepreneur’s scheme to encourage any youth between the ages of 16-24 to realize his dreams of starting their own business.

For it, MMEA not only offers a start up grant but also support and mentor them with trainings, advice and other start-up resources so that those young people have maximum opportunity and tools to make their business venture a success. Only the youth of UK can take advantage of it at the moment.

The award encompasses imparting knowledge as well as skills training, business coaching which includes hands on business management and exposing the youth to key business events to help them interact with successful elite and take their business idea to the next level. It also has two awards inculcated to further motivate them.

The Matthew Martino Enterprise Award is an enterprise scheme for young people aged 16-25 which encourages and supports them to start their own business. We do so by offering a start-up business grant, mentoring and other start-up resources which allow young people to make the most of their business venture.

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