Why Investing In Your Office Space Is Key To A Happy Workforce

The office environment plays a key role in your employees’ overall happiness and productivity. Investing in a high-quality, engaging space can have a big impact on your business. 

When it comes to waking hours, most of your adult life is spent in the workplace. It makes sense then that the office space can dramatically impact employees, both in terms of how they feel and the quality of work they produce.

We asked office design company, Spacio, what some of the benefits are from updating the work space. 

Better communication between teams 

A few small changes can make a big impact on communication between teams. Removing walls, creating collaborative spaces, and allowing for hot desking makes it easier for team members to converse with each other and share ideas without relying on email. 

A greater ability to retract and retain talent

Having a positive and rewarding office culture helps to attract the best talent in the industry, as well as keep those working there happy and motivated to stay. While the office space isn’t the be all and end all of the office culture, it is a good representation of the company culture and a negative space – be that dull, cramped, or dingy, can reflect badly on the company. 

A well-designed space with areas for wellbeing, collaboration and solo working shows the company is willing to invest in its workforce, which suggests a good culture. 

Maximise employee wellbeing 

Happy workers are productive workers, so designing an office with your employee’s wellbeing in mind has the added benefit of boosting the workforce. This could mean adding in quiet and relaxation spaces, allowing dogs in the office, or bringing in a games room – your space should reflect the unique needs of your team. 

Asking your employees for their input on what they would find beneficial and designing an office with their feedback in mind will ensure you make the most impact with your office redesign. 

Increased concentration and productivity

Offering a mix of open and private spaces means everyone has an area where they can concentrate, no matter their preferred style of work. Most jobs require a mix of collaborative work and solo work, so having a mix of spaces employees can choose from depending on the task at hand means they are better able to concentrate on what they are meant to be doing. This also means people can choose an environment that suits their personality and working style; some individuals thrive when able to bounce ideas off one another, while others work better without interruptions. 

Improve morale

Staff who feel their employees are invested in their wellbeing are more motivated to do their jobs well, so creating an office space which contributes to a better balance can improve office morale. Certain office features can also contribute to morale – for example, dedicated zones for unwinding can help prevent frustration and keep attitudes positive. 

It is important when investing in new office space that the output genuinely contributes to a happier, more productive workforce. Working with experts to design an office space with your unique needs and objectives in mind will ensure you see a return on your new office space. 

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