Four Reasons Why Cardboard Packaging Is Very Popular And Always The Top Choice For Many

You probably collected more than a dozen cardboard shoe boxes in your room, and you cannot just simply get rid of it because you believe that it still has a purpose that it needed to fulfill either to put your old shoes in, or to place other things that you need to store because cardboard boxes are simply durable in terms of storing something aside from your shoes. 

No wonder, cardboard boxes in all sizes are very popular in terms of packaging products. It can be formed in different shapes and can use different materials, can be designed with different graphic styles and also a standard in shipping requirements, your product packaging using cardboard boxes will surely draw a lot of people to patronize your products. 

Cardboard boxes are where the thousand-dollar Air Jordan’s are boxed in along with other precious sneakers, even your favorite gaming console is packed in a cardboard box. These and other products that are very popular and expensive are usually packed in a cardboard box, so why is it one of the most used packaging materials in product packaging? 

Check out the rest of this post now that will give you the most valid reasons why courtesy of the best makers of product packaging Australia has.

  1. Gives the products inside extra protection– Just like what is mentioned above, cardboard boxes are simply durable and can be used for different purposes. Unlike cardboard boxes before, today’s cardboard boxes are more durable, thanks to the innovative corrugated materials that are used in sandwiching multiple pieces of cardboard to provide the much-needed protection, items inside are secured and free from damage. The corrugated pieces of cardboard that are placed on top of each other provides cushioning for fragile items like glassware, computers, furniture pieces, electronic devices, and large flat surface products. There are a lot of cardboard pieces that are placed over an item especially the fragile ones to provide sufficient cushioning as well as protection in case it will be dropped or have rough transportation.
  2. Made from cheap material– Cardboard is very cheap to produce, and it is usually made from recycled materials that do not cost a lot of money to make for wholesaling. Compared to plastics and wood as materials to produce packaging materials, cardboard boxes are usually made from recycled papers that are remade to become a durable packaging material that is manufactured into what a cardboard box is.
  3. Very convenient to use– Cardboard boxes can easily be sealed firmly to provide a durable package in different ways. Using staples to hold the cardboard together, it can hold heavy products and items inside because it has enough thickness that does not easily tear apart if it is dropped or fall to the ground. Also, the surface of the cardboard boxes is attached well or glued together that can be used in sealing the package and it is very effective in keeping cardboard until the packaging is opened.
  4. Highly flexible– There are some pieces of cardboard that are heavy and very rigid. These are used for heavy-duty purposes or for packaging items or products that are too fragile and too sensitive to damage. Cardboards can also be used to wrap glassware and other fragile items to provide sufficient cushioning.



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