Tips For Protecting & Storing Sensitive Business Documents

If your business deals with members of the public and other organisations it is vital that they correctly store and dispose of sensitive information. If you neglect the appropriate processes and procedures your business could find itself in a lot of trouble, especially if this information is leaked and finds its way into the wrong hands. These tips will help you to protect and store sensitive information.



If your company holds sensitive data such as medical records or financial documents you’ll want to ensure they are properly protected, you have a legal obligation to keep this information secure so it must be kept in a safe environment. There are numerous problems with storing paper documents, they can be easily damaged, go missing or find their way into the public domain. They also take up a lot of space in your office because they must be stored in large, filing cabinets.

It is not easy to protect your premises from thieves, your company documents are vulnerable if left on-site and equally exposed if you store them in other premises. If a thief enters your offices, they’ll have no issues breaking into a filing cabinet and stealing your documents. If your company holds important data, there are better ways to keep it safe than on-site paper records.

The most effective way of protecting and storing information is to scan documents onto a network, there are various companies who offer scan document services throughout the UK and Ireland. They can scan all sorts of sensitive files onto a server, guaranteeing added protection and preservation. They offer affordable prices and an exceptional alternative to paper storage methods.

Benefits of Scanning Documents

As mentioned above, there are several benefits of scanning your documents and going paperless. If your business contains sensitive private information you’ll want to ensure customers that their data will be properly protected. The most effective way of doing this is to use a document scanning company to upload your files onto a server, once uploaded, these files can only be accessed by authorised personnel. They are protected by a password encryption which guarantees they won’t be stolen during a burglary. This method of storage offers a lot more protection than traditional methods, your company won’t have any physical documents to steal because all of your information will be stored in cyberspace, protected by firewalls and keycodes.

Shred Physical Documents


Once your company moves over to digitised storage it is vital that you adequately dispose of physical documents, the best way of doing this is to shred all of this information. Before you shred files, make sure you check each document to ensure you have them saved online. You should be easily able to access these documents over the server to guarantee you have them stored on the network. Sensitive documents must be destroyed appropriately.

It is important to select the right storage method for your business, scanning documents onto a server protects sensitive items from exposure. They are difficult to access without authorisation and they don’t require the use of large filing cabinets.

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