Brisbane Beginnings – How Office Space Is Fundamental To Your Next Business Venture

Brisbane is a lively cosmopolitan Australian city and an amazing place to live and work in. Home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the country, Brisbane is a prime location for entrepreneurs, startups and investors to seek new opportunities and partnerships. Locating your offices in ‘Brissie’ is a great choice for any business and will lead to increased growth, exposure to more opportunities and a chance for your business to truly realise its potential.

The area is home to a huge variety of industries, business communities and market influencers, waiting to be capitalised on. When starting out in Brisbane, it’s crucial that you give due consideration to the space you choose to operate from. When searching for office space in Brisbane, Servcorp has some fantastic choices right in the heart of the CBD with a range of options for all types of businesses.

Continue reading to learn more about how critical choosing the right office space is for your next business venture.

Traditional or Serviced Office Space 

Once you begin the search for office space in Brisbane, the big decision you’re going to have to make is whether to go with a traditional or serviced office space. Choosing between convention and innovation means making some careful decisions but for most businesses, especially new ventures, there will ultimately be one outcome.

Traditional leases, lock you into a long-term fixed contract which can be very difficult and expensive to get out of. They offer little flexibility in case your business doesn’t get off to the positive start you had hoped for. Serviced offices, by comparison, give you the option of choosing flexibility with no lock-in contracts. Furthermore, the monthly fee includes all of your utilities such as heating, lighting, cleaning, air-conditioning and more. For a young business, this puts you in the driving seat and allows you to plan your finances appropriately. 

The Benefits of Serviced Office Space 

With a managed facility, tenants can enjoy top-class facilities at a prestigious Brisbane address, getting your business off to the best start possible. Being located in one of Brisbane’s primary business centres on Eagle Street or Turbot Street, you will be able to easily connect with clients and give a positive impression of your operation to any would-be investors or business partners.

Conference rooms are available for meetings with clients, video-conferencing facilities are installed and a dedicated phone line will be provided for your business. If you require mail-sorting, an assistant can be hired to help you and IT support is always available so that you are never without a high-speed connection. Tenants have options and are always in control, allowing you to choose a professional setup that works for your requirements and your budget.

Why Choosing the Right Office Space is Crucial to Success 

For new businesses, the rental rates in the Brisbane CBD can be intimidating but thankfully there are options. Choosing a fully-serviced office space allows you easy access to an area of the city that you otherwise may not be able to afford. And what’s more, a managed facility will save you time and expense in getting set up, installing phone lines, internet cables, buying expensive office equipment and spending money on furnishing and decorating the space.

Avoid hindering your business before you’ve had a real chance to get started and consider choosing a serviced office space in Brisbane. With the many advantages they have over more traditional office setups, you will be setting your business up for success from the beginning. Every new business venture needs a solid foundation and the right office is where the success of your business will stem from.

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