Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Having an online presence and getting the engagements on social media is one thing, making conversions from that and making the revenue you need for your business is another thing.


As a small business, you want to have the interactive sessions with your customers on your online platforms but also make sales from that because you need the revenue to keep your business afloat. So how do you do that?

By putting in place digital marketing strategies that turn your engagements into sales.

Grab attention

Your marketing methods should be designed to grab attention and hold it long enough for the visitor to your website or any online platform to give you the conversions that you desire.

This means that your blog and social media posts should have an attention-grabbing headline and not only that, but also some meat that the reader can chew on for long enough to want to do business with you.

Have a call to action

Now that you have the attention of your target audience, what you do with it matters most. You should give them clear instructions on what to do next.

Your ads should have a clear call to action otherwise you will simply get the traffic without any conversions to write home about.

Using an Ad Watcher, you can tailor your paid ads to get the most conversions for a given amount of money spent.

Have a good story

People like an interesting background story that they can relate to. Your marketing campaign should be supported by a great cover story that makes it easier for you to sell your products to your target market.

You need to sell more than just the product. It’s a good story that would make a customer choose you over your competitor.

You can make blog posts with captivating stories and appropriately insert product links to make sales off your online presence. The advantage of accompanying your marketing campaigns with a good story is that the conversation about your business and brand extend beyond the customer making a purchase and improves your brand visibility without you spend any more money.

A good story is makes some adverts become more popular than others.

Seek permission

This specifically applies to email marketing. You need to have your customer’s consents to collect their contact information and use it for your marketing campaigns.

Make sure your customers know the purpose for which you are collecting the information and maintain the highest levels of the privacy standards with the collected data.

More importantly, your subscribers should have the option to unsubscribe, choose the frequency and the kind of marketing emails they want to receive from you. You don’t force yourself onto people who have the least interest in what you have to offer.

Be generous

Making money is important but being a little generous can go a little way in acquiring for you more customers.

In fact, generosity is an effective way to lure new customers and maintain the loyalty of the old ones. You can offer incentives like free samples and lower sign up fees for people who sign up for your products and services within a defined offer period. Additionally, you can also reward your social media followers with gifts when they participate in your trivia. This increases your engagements and can earn you more customers.

It is however important that all these acts of generosity be well planned for and accommodated in your business model.

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