Four High-Paying Blue Collar Careers To Pursue With Online Classes

Pursuing a formal education is a laudable goal, and one that comes with numerous benefits. Some of the most common reasons people pursue higher education include better pay, increased stability, more flexible work hours and an easier career both physically and mentally. Most focus on higher education revolves around white-collar jobs that pay better than the average job, but this isn’t necessarily the career path for everyone.


An increasing number of blue-collar industries are in desperate need of workers and online learning opportunities have popped up as a result. Even those who are not interested in obtaining a four-year degree may find valuable opportunities via online learning. As such, we’ll look at four high-paying jobs that might not be glamorous, but nevertheless pay well and can be pursued via online classes.


There are many people who do not realize how well a career as a mechanic can pay. Many mechanics may have physically tough responsibilities and long hours, but the trade-off is pay that often exceeds the average national salary.

The best auto mechanic schools for instance provide both in-person and online class opportunities, helping those with an interest in repairing vehicles to pursue their dreams. The same is true for mechanic opportunities outside the automobile industry. For anybody who loves cars, machines or simply fixing things, this is one blue collar career where the pay is good and online learning opportunities are everywhere.


Working in the service sector has its own disadvantages, but the right career in the right establishment can generate substantial take-home pay. One such example is bartending, which relies heavily on tips and commissions.

Through any number of online bartending classes, students can quickly learn the ins and outs of the trade and obtain their licenses to operate. In many major cities and at high-end bars, these blue collar workers can earn six-figure annual incomes. While skill certainly matters, this is one job where a great attitude and people skills are also paramount.

Dental Hygienist

Let’s face it: an expensive and long college career isn’t for everybody. Besides the huge amount of debt associated with it, some people just have different goals. One example where a blue-collar alternative to a white-collar career exists is in the field of dentistry.

Dental hygienists do require formal education and training, but much of this can be pursued via online courses. The average dental hygienist in the United States earns in excess of $50,000 per year – a great salary for what may require as little as a special license via training courses in your state.

Personal Trainer

Helping other people get into shape is an in-demand job – and for those interested in the career, it can be pursued from the privacy of your own home! Personal trainer online courses help prospective employees learn the ropes of strength training, cardio, healthy eating and other crucial habits that are needed to provide this valuable service.

Many personal trainers earn in excess of $50,000 per year, and those who open their own training studios can earn even more.

These four careers are just a few examples of the many blue collar opportunities that pay well and can be pursued via online classes and education. As the demand for blue collar services continues to grow, many people may want to re-evaluate their previous career goals in pursuit of better pay and a meaningful impact on society.

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