What Is SEM?

We all think we know roughly what digital marketing means but when it comes to explaining it or pinpointing it, it becomes difficult. There are, in fact, many different types of digital marketing available for businesses depending on your main customer interactions. Here are some examples:



SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is one of the main types of digital marketing to assist businesses increase their presence and audience online through Ads on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEM increases brand presence and helps to increase conversions via unpaid and paid advertising methods. PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

Basically, unpaid methods are known as search engine marketing and paid methods are achieved through PPC.

The fastest form of digital marketing is gained by using PPC. It helps to push traffic towards your web pages and other services. In a nutshell, it’s effectively purchasing traffic through paid-for search listings.

There is a lot of terminology surrounding SEM which adds to the confusion. You might hear the terms paid search ads, PPC, pay per call, cost per click, cost per thousand impressions and paid search advertising.

Employing PPC enables marketers to channel their online marketing system to drive traffic to their sites by paying a publisher whenever their advert is clicked on by a visitor.

This method is ideal for those businesses who have a big enough budget and want to increase traffic and grow their online presence in a short amount of time.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO can enhance the ranking of a website in the unpaid listings of search engines. This is also known as improving rankings organically. You can achieve a higher rank in search results, which gets you more presence, activity, traffic, authority, leads and conversions. For help with the SEO on your site, consider Professional SEO services London from elevateuk.com

The process works by using a set of guidelines to optimise pages using specific keywords, including high-quality links from other relevant sites and updating your site with good quality, engaging and relevant content. Activities involved in organic SEO include:

Writing excellent content

Adding images and videos


Having a strong social presence


Meta Data

Direct Mail

There are many ways to help your site using SEO:

Understanding SEO practices and methods

SEO friendly layout and design

Link building

Optimising with keywords, meta tags and anchor text

Understanding how search engines behave – such as indexing, crawling, assessing relevancy and processing results.

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