What Is The Relationship Between Edtech Marketing And SaaS Marketing?

The pain of maintaining backpacks of Handwritten notes, projects and assignments, hours and days of hunting for appropriate resource materials for exams, scratching my head in frustration due to lack of ideas all comes to an end.

Collaboration of Edtech and SaaS had students travel to cloud nine in the joy of saying farewell to all suffering for good grades and learnings.

Edtech and SaaS share a profound and captivating relationship doing marvels with their magic. Edtech and SaaS complement each other with unique features leading to exciting lifestyles and education goals.

The wake of covid -19 brought a rise in the popularity of the relationship between Edtech and SaaS, resulting in indirect promotion and Marketing of each other and a bonus advantage for Edtech Marketing Agency and SaaS marketing Agency.

Though Edtech and SaaS industry has been collaborating for a long time, the pandemic has polished their collaboration, attracting a large crowd towards their outstanding services.

Education, a crucial element in an individual’s life, has always been known for taking blood, sweat, and tears to thrive.

Despite spending billions on the education field, The education system cannot fully enlighten students with the needed skills for other life and survival. Education is a significant component in shaping an individual’s career.

But the association of Edtech and SaaS companies has brought so many beneficial features and advantages for learners, Educators, Tutors, and School teams. Edtech denotes Education technology, whereas SaaS represents Software as a Service.

In the past five years, immense growth has been observed in SaaS and Edtech Companies. Their cooperation has been the primary component for complementing, promoting, and marketing each other.

In 2020, Indian EdTech start-ups raised more than $1.43 billion in 100 agreements.

Both parents and educational institutions were pushed to embrace tech-enabled learning solutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic interruptions and subsequent lockdowns, becoming EdTech the most well-funded industry in the country and leading to reducing the marketing burden Edtech Marketing Agency and SaaS marketing Agency.

Byju’s takes the lead with 57 percent of the total cash generated, followed by Unacademy and Vedantu.

Edtech enhances the learning quality with the help of SaaS and makes sure to prepare students for Practical industry skills.

In terms of education in schools, Benjamin Heuston, executive director and board member of Waterford.org, a non-profit research center that develops personalized, cloud-based instruction for children aged Pre-K to 3rd grade, stated that cloud-based programs and SaaS sales models would provide significant operational and financial benefits to education providers.

A SaaS provider can monitor and deal with updates of anticipated software issues. As a result, schools would have access to the most up-to-date copies of their curriculum without worrying about the time spent on upgrades.

This means schools can provide the most outstanding possible education to their pupils without incurring additional expenditures.

Few leading SaaS-based Edtech companies are shown following

  1. Grammarly
  2. Panorama Education
  3. Kahoot!
  4. Accredible
  5. Creativelive
  6. McGraw Hill Education
  7. BeRecruited
  8. Duolingo
  9. Coursmos
  10. Remind
  11. Flipgrid
  12. Applyboard
  13. Seesaw
  14. Sapling Learning
  15. Udemy
  16. Dreambox Learning
  17. Clever
  18. Schoology
  19. Voxy
  20. Rosetta Stone

In an interview with Inc42 media, Bangalore-based company Kneura outlined the capabilities of its automatic lesson creation tools, which may assist instructors in developing courses using AI and offering various types of information such as photos, videos, and text. Lessons are tailored to the class and topic at hand. Kneura Learning’s Product Marketing Head, Sindhya Ravikumar, commented.

Thanks to SaaS-based Education Technology, students can access courses and learning materials regardless of their geographical location. In addition, edTech systems are simple to use and do not require any prior training to operate.

Some education technology platforms use open learning approaches or open licensed content standards to provide the best of education.

For example, EkStep, a non-profit project, has developed a collaborative platform to provide equitable learning opportunities to all children, particularly in rural India.

Google has always been on the cutting edge of unique innovations. As a result, Google Cloud’s accessible features such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Drive provide many technological benefits in higher education and are widely utilized.

These technologies enable simultaneous multi-user editing and real-time collaboration between students and professors.

This is extremely valuable for collaborative drives, especially during pandemics.

Google Docs, in an example, enables instructors to create templates on the cloud without losing formatting. These technologies would allow students to communicate with professors easily, create citations, manage group projects, etc.

The remarkable advantage of the collaboration is driving it easy for the SaaS marketing Agency and Edtech Marketing Agency.

Nevertheless, there are many scopes that SaaS-based Edtech companies can’t reach. In those areas, Edtech marketing agencies and SaaS marketing agencies can enlighten their power by attracting the crowd with their unique features and Advantages.

Powerful Marketing can lead Edtech and SaaS industries to a new blossoming Generation.

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