How To Simplify Visitor Registration In The Office

Managing visitor arrival is an important concern for businesses. To start with, people need to feel welcomed when they arrive, which could easily establish a good and profitable relationship. However, in many instances, visitor registration is a process that eats up a lot of time. This could piss some people off, especially clients. With this, there is one solution to make everything simple – to use a visitor registration software, such as what can provide.

The Loopholes of Traditional Visitor Registration

One of the problems with the traditional visitor registration in most offices is that it could eat up a lot of time, especially on the part of the visitors. The queue can get long during a busy day. This is an inefficiency that could translate into significant losses for the business.

To add, there are also inaccuracies when it comes to documentation. Using pen and paper to log visitors can be prone to mistakes. It can also be easily tampered. The sign-in and sign-out time can be inaccurate.

Also, in many conventional offices, to register visitors, there is a receptionist at the front desk. This could be welcoming, but this could translate to additional costs on the part of the business. The good thing is that you can have it replaced with a digital receptionist.

Making the Process Simpler

A visitor management software offers a promising solution to simplify the process. The initial cost may be high, but the investment is sure to be worth it, given the many benefits that it can deliver. It replaces the human receptionist. It is also a good way for the business to save and to establish a better brand image. You can leave the software on its own and focus on the operations of the business, doing things that matter more.

How does a digital visitor registration work? This will depend on the specific software that will be chosen. Generally speaking, however, this is how it works:

  • The visitor walks into the office and finds the platform where they can register, which is often in the form of a tablet.
  • The visitor will input name, person to be visited, and purpose of visit. In some cases, a picture will also be taken, although this will depend on the software that is used.
  • After the process of registration is complete, the contact person will be notified. The host will be made aware that someone is there for a visit.
  • The visitor’s badge will then be issued. The visitor will wear the badge upon entering the office, which will make recognition easier. The employees will know that the unfamiliar face walking in the office is a visitor and not an intruder they have to worry about.
  • The visitor will also be given instructions on where to go to get to their contact person.

With the right choice of a visitor management software, you can enjoy productivity through automation. This is going to make it simpler to log the details of each visitor and to send them to the person they wish to visit.

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