Can You Get Hired For Being A Good Communicator?

Does talking and communicating makes you happy? Take an advantage of your core communication skills and get a job which suits you inner nonstop talking machine!

There are plenty of jobs which require extreme communication skills powers. Being a talkative person might not always drive you to where you want, you need skilled in communicating, delivering your point of view and be a great listener as well. Communication skills also relays on the personality type , communication skills are deadly if it was not impressive by nearly everyone ,if you’re seeking to be a communication skill master , you need to hold the key to most people’s mind , baring in mean the difference among future clients , audience and even employers.

Have got a great amount of communication skills? If yes, lets dig deep to what jobs might be perfectly fit for your great communications skills.

Here are the top 5 jobs which are perfectly fit for people who love talking:

Advertising sales representative

Sales industry without communications skills is impossible. Ads sales representatives are great communicator, they spend most of their time talking on the phone with potential clients and targeted audience which is supposed to be clients after the sales representative asters their communication magic by advertising to a specific product or service. Besides being good at delivering information, you must also excel the persuading power, you excel it once the potential clients actually hear your offer till the end and an actual deal was a success.

  • To be a sales rep. you’ll need to hold a related Bachelor’s degree, and on-the-job training.
  • If you’re fit to these requirements, then start investing in your degree and your communications skills power by enrolling in this field, offers huge job opportunities for related majors and all fields, you can search up the job that fits your qualifications and apply for a job online.

Customer service representative

Customer service representatives are a crucial part of every industry. Customers service reps are always fielding concerns and questions from clients and customers, they receive their questions wither face-t-face or over the phone and some companies would also offer live chat services or through e-mail. The main point of being a successful rep is that you need to own a great knowledge and every answer to whatever the customers asks about and even put in mind the potential questions which might be complex as well.

  • Customer service representatives need to hold a high-school diploma, besides getting a training which the company policy follows.
  • If you’re a talented candidate who can manage numerous phone calls in timely manner, besides being patient and can easily perfume under pressure, then check the latest jobs posted by Joblang and apply today.

Event planner

Event planners are chaos controllers. Being an event planner means you’ll have to handle every single slight detail of ceremonies, events and professional meetings. This job requires a lot of conversations. Event planners job is executed on many levels , first they need to sit with the clients and put in mind every detail clients want , after that , it’s their duties to arrange budgets,  transportations , locations , designers and any other requirement needed. The pressure is high; they need to be in constant communication with both vendors and clients just to assure its all under control and being organized as planned in the specific timetable the client requested.

  • A bachelor’s degree in any business related field might work, but it would be preferable if it was a specific hospitality related major.
  • Communication skill is the key role for this job; you need to have extraordinary connections with wide different industries.
  • If you’re an easy connection builder, and have a great amount of pressure handling power, then this job is a great choice. Visit and apply online for many job opportunities posted on daily basis.

HR Specialist (Human Resources )

Human Resources Specialists are friends with nearly everybody. Their job role requires recruiting, placing and guiding employees following a specific HR policies and procedures. They need to have great amount of communication skills besides being comfortable in talking so much as well, they’ll also need to interview candidates, organize new employment orientation and refer job candidates. Discussing and consulting with their employers is a must as well.

  • Human Resources Specialists needs to hold an HR bachelor’s degree, and on the long term they’ll need to take certified training courses related to the field.
  • If you hold a bachelor’s degree in HR field , do not hesitates to apply for a good job opportunities either near you or work abroad opportunities  , you can find it all in Joblang, where Jobs from all around the world are gathered in one place.

Public Relations Specialist(PR)

Timely schedule is their specialty. PR Specialists are responsible for getting things done on a timely manner; they are in constant meeting with people and always talking on the phone to reach a target which needs to be fulfilled. Their job role requires promoting for their company, brand or services to the market and to the public, with investors, consumers and reporters.

  • A bachelor’s degree in PR, Business, communications or journalism is a minimum requirement.
  • If you hold any degree related to such fields, you will be able to easily find great job opportunities in different industries. Check to access one of the greatest online secured portals both locally and internationally.

Being a good talked actually pays. As mentioned above, there are different jobs which can be reached out for easily if you can talk clearly and deliver information directly. Getting noticed by recruiters and employers can get much easier, target your dream job company and do your magic; you can deliver everything by owning great communication skills. That’s why some employees don’t get hired; they might hold high educational degrees and even PhDs at some cases, they are well educated by they can’t talk, which eventually costs them a great job opportunity. Your degree is what determines your future industry or field , but your communication skills are what makes you remarkably fit , even if your lack experience years , they might  hire you for being a master of communication!


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