The Advantages Of CNC Machining

Manufacturing has progressed in leaps and strides over the last century with several technological advancements that have greatly streamlined and economised the manufacturing process. This in turn has allowed us to produce more for less, providing high quality components and products at reasonable prices.


In this article, we’re going to look at just how CNC machining could benefit your business, both in terms of productivity and output. Read on and we’ll explain all.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which is the ability of a computer to run an automated program which can produce a component without any further input by an employee. Once a design has been uploaded to the computer, it is able to reproduce exactly what it has been given with perfect precision.

Perpetual Production

The beauty of the CNC manufacturing process is that it can be completely automated. This directly impacts upon efficiency and productivity as machinery can be left unattended overnight whilst it continues to produce vital components for customers.

The only time such machinery will need to be disabled is for routine maintenance which should only be required a few times a year.

Economies of Scale

Traditional methods of manufacturing would require several employees to oversee the production of any one component. It would likely be passed along an assembly line with each employee fitting the part or carrying out the work that they have been tasked with.

This method of manufacturing is inefficient and requires constant oversight with a single error having the ability to through production off and cause delays.

CNC technology can single handily produce components over and over again without being reprogrammed or supervised.

A Streamlined Labour Force

The skill level required to operate CNC machinery is far lower than would be required to operate a drilling rig or a lathe. You will often that skilled employees are difficult to find and can command a premium in terms of remuneration. By making use of CNC machining, businesses can effectively employee less staff members whilst maintaining output and cutting costs.

Simplified Training

Employees can be trained to use CNC machinery through the use of computer based training software. This software allows them to get a feel for the way in which the equipment works without having to produce anything or undertake costly training programmes.

Experience the Benefits of Precision Engineering

CNC manufacturing can be a great asset to companies who operate older machinery and plant which is difficult to source replacement parts for. Once these parts fail, they often leave machinery inoperable at a great cost to businesses. Through the use of CNC technology, any part can be modelled and reproduced to exact requirements, providing these machines with a new lease of life.

If you feel that you could benefit through the use of CNC machining and are based in Western Australia, you’re in luck. CNC in Perth can be carried out by several CNC specialists who offer their services across the city. Simply find a suitable engineering firm and discuss your needs.

The future of manufacturing is automated so take advantage of this great technology to give your company a competitive edge.

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