Why You Should Network Your Way To Your Dream “Green” Job

It is important that when you apply for jobs in the cannabis industry that you try and make as many connections as possible to maximize your chances of landing your dream cannabis job, according to. You will notice that there are many different opportunities advertised, but employers still hire candidates that come with some form of recommendation from a person they know and trust. This is why networking is so important.


In fact, the industry at large depends a lot on trust and credibility, so it is important for you to build this with the people you meet. From the employer’s point of view, if an employer hires someone they don’t know and trust, they fear that the new employee may not be as motivated to obey the rules as someone they know on a personal level. There is also the outside chance that the new employee that the business hires decides to steal produce from the business.

Obviously, the closer the connection you have, the better. Don’t worry if you don’t know a person inside out. It could be just a case of being well known in your local area. A great way to do this is attend local events, and write blogs, comment on stories. The more you do this, the more you will get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to speak to others at networking events.

Training + Experience + Networking = Success

The formula is simple. To be successful with your application, if you have the necessary training, experience and networking, you will nearly always get the job. Experience is key especially in jobs where the business will expect you to hit the ground running, such as the job of the budtender, as it essential that you have experience with working with different strains.

You can learn the different strains and their effects yourself, or you can enrol with an online cannabis university. Employers are becoming a lot more clued up as to what is a good university course and which is not, so do your research before you choose. You will be surprised to see many well-known faces and experienced cannabis experts teaching at these universities.

If you feel like you are ready to apply for a job in the cannabis industry, it is possible to search for jobs in your local area by using the cannabis jobs near me tool.

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