Top Broadband Service Providers In Singapore

These days Broadband Internet Service is the most used form of Internet because of its high access speeds. It is offered in four different forms, i.e. DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line), fibre-optic, cable, and satellite.

Today’s fast pacing lifestyle has made the internet the utmost important aspect in the day to day life. There are approx. 1.3 million broadband Internet subscribers in Singapore. Recent surveys have indicated that with connectivity rate of over 99% internet access is readily available throughout the country. Over the years, the Singaporean Government has also been endorsing the usage of broadband Internet access, as part of its “Intelligent Nation 2015” (iN2015) initiative

Here are few major Internet service providers in Singapore:


It is one of the three major telecoms in the Singapore. The government had given them the licence to provide fixed network and mobile services in 1998. Today StarHub is providing various services that include Mobile services, Pay TV, Internet services and Fixed network services.

As per Starhub’s current move to acquire a 51 per cent stake of Accel Systems & Technologies that deals in cyber security solutions, it is expected to strengthen their growing enterprise business.

Since their launch in 2000, Starhub has become one of Singapore’s most pioneering info – communication providers. Starhub billing hotline details are available on their official site; however, you can call 1637  for any billing queries. For overseas call, you can contact Starhub customer service number


Singapore Telecommunication, popularly known as Singtel was established in 1879, now holds major market share in Singapore, with 82% of the fixed-line market, 47% of the mobile market and 43% of the broadband market. It is also the largest company listed on the Singapore Exchange in terms of market capitalisation.

Singtel has a combined mobile subscriber base of over 600 million customers’ across 25 countries and is considered as the 20–30 largest in the world.

With their diverse range of services including fixed, mobile, data, internet, TV, info comms technology (ICT) and digital solutions Singtel played an essential role in the country’s development as a key communications hub. Their official site is equipped with FAQs & hotline numbers for any queries regarding the company or their services.


M1, previously known as Mobile one, is Singapore’s most dynamic communications company, was launched in 1997 for commercial services. It is providing mobile and fixed services to over 2 million customers today.

The achievement list of M1 is quite extended that includes the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service, ultra-high-speed fixed broadband, fixed voice to name a few. With their continuous focus on network quality, customer service and innovation, M1 expect to hold the market share in today’s competitive market.


Singapore based startup, MyRepublic is an internet company that was formed to enable Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network. Launched in 2011, MyRepublic has quickly spread its business to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

They mainly offer fibre broadband services in all four countries as well as ADSL plans, VDSL services, cable TV packages. The company has a combined consumer base of 200,000 across the four countries.

With their small team at work and continuous innovation, MyRepublic is all set to conquer the market.

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