How To Know When It’s Time To Start Your Own Company

If you are sitting there thinking about what you’d do differently to your current employer and you are dreaming of unlimited income potential, it just might be time to branch out on your own. However, not all people who want to become entrepreneurs have the right mindset or skills to achieve their goals, so it’s important to know if you are ready. If not, don’t despair. It just might mean you need to polish up a few things, including your way of thinking, before trying to start a new company. Do you think you are ready now? Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t. It’s time for a little introspection.


Are You on a Mental Treadmill?

One of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs is that they seem to be on a mental treadmill. In other words, they are always thinking. If you have difficulty shutting it down and are always thinking about ways and means of doing things better, you just might be the next big entrepreneur in your industry.

Do You Envision a Higher Salary?

No matter what company you work for or what industry you are in, chances are you will level off at some point in your career. Other than within the sales arena, few people can ever aspire to a six or seven figure income if the payscale at their place of employment stops at five figures. Commissions are another thing altogether. Here, you are talking about base rates. Wouldn’t it be nice, even as a salesperson, to actually be the bottom line?

This would be the figure that companies arrive at after paying all expenses, of which salaries are one. Perhaps the best way to see if you can earn above the top tier of earners would be to check out HigherSalary.Com where you can learn about ways to make the top tiers. If that isn’t enough, you may be ready to strike it out on your own.

Do You Have Passion and Drive?

Being passionate about what it is you do is of vital importance when considering starting your own company. Yes, you can succeed in an industry that is thriving, but in the long run, would you be able to sustain your interest? If it’s merely about making money, you might do better to stay at a job that has security. After all, they are still in business, right?

On the flip side, however, when you are passionate about what you do and know that you can make more money on your own, you might want to explore the possibility of starting your own business.

A Few Final Thoughts on the Sum of All Parts

There is so much more involved in determining whether you are ready to start your own company but the one key takeaway here is that the whole must be greater than the sum of all parts. You must take everything into consideration before taking the plunge. If you only have one of the traits most needed in entrepreneurs, the time might not yet be ripe. However, if you can sum up all the traits entrepreneurs exhibit and find that the whole is greater than all of these combined, it’s time to make a move toward your future. What else is needed to start your own company? Check out to find 50 signs you are ready.

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