Complete Guide For VOIP

The VOIP service

Those who have not heard of the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can now change the way they take their long distance calls. It is a method of taking ordinary analog sound signals and converting them into digital signals which can be sent through the internet. People paying for internet connection services will have the advantage of using the same connection in placing free long distance calls. The whole process uses the available VOIP software in making phone calls through the internet.

How VOIP is used

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is mostly used by VOIP. The adaptor allows you to connect your phone to your computer and the internet connection. ATA is responsible for turning the analog signals into digital signals. Setting up the system is very simple as you are required to have your adaptor, plug the cable into the wall socket and connect it to your phone and finally plug the adaptor into a computer with internet connection. Some of the ATAs have software that needs to be installed in your computer.However it is a very simple process after which you will be ready to make calls. Some types of VOIPs do utilize IP phones instead of your home phones. IP phones are just similar to normal home phones only that it has a wall jack cable. It contains an Ethernet connector meaning that you will connect your IP phone to your router instead of plugging it phone into the wall jack for the case of analog phone. Furthermore this option allows for circumventing your PC and one does not have to install any software as it is already built in your phone. Large companies do offer unique possibilities for the VOIP services. The large companies do utilize the technology through the conduction of all intra-office calls through the VOIP network service. Other international companies do utilize the VOIP services in routing the international calls.

How VOIP Works

The current phone system works by relying on the largely and inefficient method of connecting calls referred to as circuit switching. This method has been used for quite a long time and simply means that when one person makes a call then the connection is maintained in both directions. However, initially one used to pay higher for making international calls because he had to pay for the copper wire pieces that are connected to transmit it right from where you are to the place or destination of your call. Nowadays analog call is instantly converted into a digital signal at the time you make it.

The Future of VOIP

Most companies and analysts do believe that it will take decade for people to switch to the VOIP services. The latest research shows that most people are switching to this service because they have realized its advantages.

Advantages of VOIP

It allows you to make calls for a wide location i.e. internationally as you can make a call any place you get a broadband connection.

It also allows you to check voice-mail through your e-mail. Furthermore, this service allows you to attach voice messages to your e-mail.

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