How To Choose The Best Removalist For Your Move In Sydney

It is tempting to choose a Home Removalist on the basis of price.

However, a low price could mean a Mover will cut corners on service. They may also withhold Inclusions the industry provides as standard. For example – Free Boxes, Tape and Insurance for your goods while they are in transit.


You want your move to be free of hassles and stress. The way to ensure this is to choose a Professional Removalist Company in Sydney. A Removalist with a reputation you can trust.

What a Good Home Removalist Company will be?


The moving business is not as straightforward as it looks. A huge amount of logistics and planning goes into each home and business move.

Prior to a move, customer service teams must advise their clients on packing, labelling and a range of other logistical procedures to ensure their move is smooth.

Drivers and their assistants must plan and schedule their jobs carefully. They must check traffic, weather, take into account parking issues and then account for any unforeseen events that may slow them from getting to your residence.

When a Moving Company has ten or more years of experience (such a moving company is a safe bet), it will have seen every problem that can happen during a move. So, it will be better equipped to resolve it.

Customer Focused

A moving company that is professional will always be customer focused.

A customer-focused company will always go beyond the call of duty to ensure it keeps its customers satisfied.  

Anything can happen during a move. You may have pets you need to be moved that you forgot to tell the moving company about.

A customer-centric Mover will be flexible with your request and find a way to accommodate it.

It is easy to tell whether a company is a customer focused or not.  Just look at how long many times the phone rings before they pick it up.

Or how detailed and easy to read and understand their quotations are. Or whether they follow up with their Quotations once they’ve sent them.

Knowledgeable and Helpful

A professional moving company will want to make your move a success.

They will always be helpful over the phone- answering any number of queries you may have in relation to your move.

They will provide you with tips on how to pack and label your items – so they are easier for you to assemble once you open them.

Some moving companies will even assemble your furniture and beds for you as part of their service.  They will share their knowledge to ensure your move is as smooth as it can be.

Forward Thinking

A Moving Company worth its salt will always be planning ahead.

You can tell if your Mover is thinking and planning ahead for you by the number of questions they ask.

The more questions, your Customer Service Representative asks, the more involved they are with your move and making it a success.


The last point we want to make about Good Moving Companies is that they will be generous. They won’t quibble over the small things like boxes and tape – they’ll drop them off to your home or apartment for FREE.

The really good Home Removalists will also cover your goods with insurance while they are being transported.

Moving home is a big deal

Avoid taking it lightly. Hire a Professional Moving Company to plan your move and execute it. Using our simple 5-point plan can help ensure your choice is a good

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