Buy And Sell, Can You Trust The Seller? But Can You Also Trust The Buyer?

The world is a very competitive place especially for businesses as everybody wants a significant percentage of the market share. However, with so many companies selling the same thing, everybody is thinking about the best ways and strategies to outsmart their competition and gain customers. The implication is that while some are negligent about online marketing and are losing out, some others are not only taking internet marketing serious but they are going all the way to even rig the Internet marketing towards having better visibility and a better reputation online. As a result, you want to know which sellers to trust and which sellers not to trust. This article will address this most important question of how you can trust the seller and even the buyer.

How to trust the seller

You might have read up on these and discovered that the easiest way you can trust a seller is by reading reviews about them. Once most or all of the reviews are positive, it means you should expect not to have any serious problem with them. Even though this is not the only way as there are others such as visiting their website and checking out their customer service, the method of reading reviews, especially on a neutral platform, has been tipped to be the most effective. You might thus be wondering if sellers can rig reviews in their quest to build their online reputation. This will be discussed subsequently.

Building an online reputation: Can it be rigged

There are a lot of companies that attempt to rig their online reputation. They achieve this by claiming to collect reviews on their website, while every single review on their website was put there by the online marketer, web designer or at the request of the business owner after supplying the glowing reviews by himself and attaching fictitious names. Even for other reviews website that is not very professional, the business owner could contact the management of the website to delete all negative reviews about them and/or add some new positive reviews for them. They might end up negotiating and paying for the service. Some other business owners go all the way to hire a freelancer or other individuals to help them post some positive reviews on a reviews platform towards enhancing their reputation online. With these conditions, you might be wondering how you can trust reviews from buyers since it might all be fictitious buyers. As a company, it is not a great idea to rig your reputation because you will still be exposed when customers visit you and experience the opposite of your reviews. The best way to build your online reputation is to provide satisfactory services always and encourage the customers to leave sincere reviews for you.

How to trust buyers

The easiest way to trust buyers is by reading reviews from reputable reviews website such as On the one hand, they will not compromise the reviews on their website by collecting money to delete bad reviews or add positive reviews. This is considering they were established to serve customers by helping them know where to shop and do not want to mislead them or create distrust where a customer reads about a company with glowing reviews on their website, only to have the opposite experience of all of those reviews when they patronize the business. They also do not want a situation where they will start getting bad reviews when customers find out a negative review they posted about a company has been deleted. Many other reputable review websites also share similar principles. To avoid rigging, these reputable reviews website monitor the IP address of people that post reviews on the platform. The implication is that one person cannot post more than one review about a company at least for a long while. This helps to ensure people that were paid to post reviews cannot suddenly post 100 positive reviews about a particular company at once or within a few days.

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