The Majestic Property Investment That Is Right For You

To help clients create security and freedom through property investment, the Majestic Property has partnered with the trusted advisors that customized approach with no one-size-fits-all strategies, no pressure puts investors at ease and in control and partners with brokers, advisors and +106 accountants.


Picking A Quality Property Investment That More than Just A Number 

In accordance with a carefully planned strategy based on your investment objectives, you need to undertake the necessary research to ensure you select and eventually purchase a property investment at the optimal time, price and optimal structure but how will you manage this? At Majestic Property, it has been undertaking this process on behalf of clients for some time and as such having created a streamlined formula based on seven key criteria. These seven key investment criteria provide the fundamental building blocks necessary to encourage a disciplined investment approach essential to wealth common sense approach to property research. creation success and for the achievement of your personal financial goals.

How Majestic Property Investment Process Works 

Here’s how the process of Majestic Property investment plan works:

  1. Contact Majestic for a no-obligation chat with a Property Investment Specialist
  2. Clarify your current situation and goals with the help of a property expert
  3. Receive a personalized plan with specific property investment options
  4. Select the investment that’s right for you based on detailsed research
  5. You’ll get assistance every step of the way if you choose to proceed

10 Simple Steps to Successful Property Investment

  1. Take the plunge – there’s no need to delay that all-important first step any longer because Majestic eliminates the guesswork and taking care of all that time-consuming market research to ensure optimal asset selection.
  2. Is property right for you? – Majestic property investment assigns a consultant to work with you one-on-one to determine if the property is a suitable investment vehicle for you.
  3. Considering your options -discussing your options in a one-on-one meeting to determine your ideal investment property portfolio.
  4. A tailored research process to meet your goals – the majestic will now research and source investment property solutions that best align with your own, personally tailored strategy.
  5. Here’s the Plan – along with a detailed Property Investment Analysis (PIA) that are personalized to account for your tax situation, income and financial goals, the majestic present the opportunities the specialist team has identified specifically for you.
  6. Working your plan – the team complete the relevant paperwork with you and send it off to be processed.
  7. Doing all the heavy lifting – Majestic will take care of it all on your behalf or happily be working alongside your existing broker or mortgage provider to ensure a seamless and stress-free finance process.
  8. Congratulations – Majestic works with you to secure the right tenant and maximize your rental returns.
  9. Reap the Rewards of Free Majestic Membership – the Majestic team will make the ongoing implementation and assessment of your strategy as simple as possible to keep you on the path to property profits if you plan on continuing to grow a lucrative housing portfolio.
  10. Financial independence

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