Get A Well-Paid Job Without A College Degree

In today’s competitive job market, it is widely thought that only by obtaining an Undergraduate Degree, or even a Master’s Degree, will you be able to secure a well-paid career. However, there are other routes into great jobs, that are achievable without even attending college. A High School Diploma and the appropriate training could be all that is needed to secure a job with a decent salary. If you don’t like the idea of accruing debt from tuitions fees, read on and discover just some of the careers you can achieve without attending college.


Postal-service mail carriers

You may be surprised to learn that a postal service mail carrier can earn up to $56,000 per year. No formal training is required other than the on-the-job training given to successful applicants.

Personal trainer

A High School Diploma, and training is all that is required to become a personal trainer. You can work independently, or be employed by a gym. Discover more about becoming a personal trainer by visiting Quality Education and Jobs. Expect to earn approximately $36,000 per year.

Power plant operators

Power plant operators are responsible for controlling the systems that generate and distribute electricity. This is another role that requires no formal training, and employees receive extensive training throughout their career. This role secures around $63,000 a year.

Subway and streetcar operators

Ensuring passengers get to destinations on time, Subway and streetcar operators receive on the job training and no prior experience is required. The annual salary is around $62,000.


An exciting, yet sometimes dangerous career, becoming a detective would require you to have a High School Diploma, not have a criminal record, be fit and healthy, and would entail acquiring around five year’s training and experience. Detectives can earn a considerable salary, with the average annual income amounting to approximately $74,000.

Elevator Installers and repairers

A job that anybody that has ever been stuck in a lift truly appreciates is the role of an elevator repairer. If you follow the apprenticeship route you will learn how to install and repair elevators while earning approximately $77,000 per year.

Farmers and agricultural managers

Working outdoors has other perks besides regular exercise and fresh air, with the wage being another incentive. Farmers and agricultural managers can earn around $69,000 per year. People usually enter into these careers through the family business, but you can also begin your own venture, or gather experience via local farms and agricultural businesses.

Commercial pilot

Although you will undergo rigorous training and need to pass certain exams, becoming a commercial pilot does not require a college degree. You can choose to fly helicopters or airplanes, and expect to earn an annual salary of $73,400.

It is important to consider all your options when choosing you career, and it is evident that not having a college degree is not a barrier to earning a substantial wage. Do your research to discover if going on to university will create more opportunities for you, of if the career you want is achievable with training straight out of school.

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