Employee Engagement: Who ‘Owns’ It And How To Do It

As organizations don’t hire people who can keep a close watch on employee engagement, it becomes difficult to ensure employees are engaged in a productive manner. When it’s not effective employee engagement, nobody can be called responsible for it. Every company wants to improve employee loyalty, but they don’t understand who could be assigned the task of handling activities related to employee engagement. In such a scenario, it’s difficult to tell who owns employee engagement in an organization.


Employee engagement is a key to success in an organization of any type. Employees are productive only when they are enjoying their duties and working with each other to achieve a common goal. To improve employee engagement, a company should develop right strategy and use right tools.

Here’s how to do it.

Social Intranet For Employee Engagement

By installing social intranet on workplace, an organization can bring all employees on a private network where they can communicate with each other and share important information. They can manage their tasks effectively and work as a team. In addition, they get one platform where they can do multiple tasks without switching to other resources.

Divide Employee Engagement Responsibilities

One employee cannot be fully responsible for employee engagement. Its responsibilities should be distributed among all staff members to ensure everyone within the organization is engaged in an effective manner. Over the social intranet, there should be leaders, techies, ambassadors and workers. They should be assigned tasks and a team of managers must ensure that everyone is doing their duties. In addition, all of them should work together in a manner that an effective communication can be established within an organization and productivity can be improved for more beneficial results.

Creative Web Mall For Employee Engagement

Creative social intranet by Creative Web Mall can be used to improve employee engagement in your organization. In addition to developing advanced social intranet, the company assists you in following effective approach for improved employee engagement.

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