Company Aims To Provide Stainless Steel Strapping For Additional Industries

In this post, we are going to take a look at stainless steel banding to help you decipher exactly what it is and why it is such a useful thing to have at your disposal.

What is Stainless Steel Banding?

Stainless Steel Banding is a product that has been developed to allow you to create a solution to may applications, including the bundling of cables and hoses, insulation, or for strapping.

What are the benefits to me of Stainless Steel Banding?

Stainless Steel Banding is well known for its versatility and durability, and it also has an extremely high breaking strength, which makes it a perfect option for those heavier applications.

On top of this, stainless steel banding also has a higher resistance to corrosion than other products such as steel or plastic strapping, meaning it will survive longer for you in those more unfavourable climates and / or conditions.

One thing of note here is that stainless steel banding comes in different grades, and each grade has its own limits when it comes to performance.

What grades of stainless steel banding are there?

Stainless steel banding comes in the following 3 grades – 201, 304, and 316.  The type of grade chosen is dependent upon which type of application you require it for.

If you look online or go to a local DIY store, you can find a lot more information on this that might help you understand it even further, along with details of all of the other bits of kit that are related to the stainless steel banding.

Now, if you are looking for a company to assist you with your stainless steel strapping, banding and load securing products who have been operating for coming up to 150 years, then look no further than Reid Brothers UK.  This company are based in Glasgow, Scotland, and they supply clients both on a local level but also worldwide, such is their reputation and expertise throughout the industry.  Whether just a one – off order or a bulk repeat order, the team at Reid Brothers UK value every customer and welcome you to try their service so that you can see for yourself just why they are so well thought of.

For more information on Reid Brothers UK, you can find them at  where you will find details of all of the products they sell along with in-depth descriptions of them all to ensure you understand what each product is for and does.  You will also find their contact details there so please feel free to contact them, and a member of their team will be only too happy to help you.

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