Choosing An Executive PA Course In Manchester

What is a PA?

PA stands for personal assistant. PA’s are generally employed by individuals; typically that may be, busy people including celebrities such as movie and TV celebrities,footballers and maybe even the Duke and Duchess of some hectic country residence.


In general terms a personal assistant aims to take over mainly administrative roles carried out by an individual. The PA relieves this person of the more mundane, yet essential, activities thus freeing up time for that person to concentrate on the development, and other demands, of the business.

A PA’s duties may includenote taking, basic hospitality, phone call monitoring and organising meetings (including travel arrangements, hotel/venue bookings etc.)

The list of duties is not definitive, work description will depend largely upon the demands inflicted by the everyday running of the particular individual’s business.

A PA’s job is extremely important to ensure the day to day smooth and efficient running of the business. The pay underscores the importance of this position.

What is the difference between a PA and an executive PA?

An executive PA (an EA) usually works for a company or some other large organisation. An EA with have extensive knowledge of the workings and dynamics of the particular business. EA’s have much more responsibility and much more clout and influence upon business development and executive decision making.

Typically an EA will oversee and report directly to the ‘bosses’ on the progress of all ongoing projects. Also, an EA will also be expected to have significant influence in the decision making process.

A respected EA may well be called upon to represent the company at important meetings and be expected to ‘negotiate’ firmly and objectively if need be. An EA is the wild-card striker on the bench!

In essence, an EA is a pro-active asset for any business or corporation. Well paid and respected for his or her business savvy and acumen.

Which brings me to the issue of gender; PA’s and EA’s are stereotypically expected to be women! Well isn’t that sexism at its worst! Yes, boys are also welcome to vie for a well-paid job as an executive assistant! That’s assuming he’s had all the training and is suitably certificated as a contender.

Although, for some unfathomable reason, girls, generally, seem to be the first choice as PA’s and EA’s. Good for them I says! Discussion for another day.

How to land a job as an Executive PA

Well, first off you have to be qualified! Unqualified PA’s, sycophants and family, are generally a hindrance as opposed to an asset. Qualifications, qualifications, qualifications … therein lies the secret to a successful union of like minds! A properly qualified executive PA will adapt and quickly, and astutely tune in to the driving needs of her employers.

 The bottom line … get qualified! There’s a lucrative, exciting future out there for all genders … including men.

How to qualify as a PA in Manchester

First off, it’s essential to choose the right course from a company with a track record of excellence!

The Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators (IEAA), is one such, non-profit making, company that’s offering globally acknowledged PA qualifications in the Manchester area.

The courses range from PA to EA qualifications, there’s a course to suit all abilities and ambitions.

Executive PA Courses in Manchesterare provided via Souters Training. For further information, and the first step on the road to a satisfying well paid job, log in now to the IEAA website.

Select the site’s Training link for contact details of Souters Training.

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