Advantages Of Custom Printed Tape

Custom printed packaging tape is a product many companies are using. There are many reasons why someone might want to make the switch from plain packaging tape to custom printed. 

One of the most compelling reasons is because rates of pilferage and package tampering decreases. When companies use plain packaging tape, anyone can have access to it and repackage the box as though it was never opened. Since regular tape is available in mass and therefore can be purchased just about anywhere, it is easy for anyone to get their hands on it.

On the other hand, if packaging tape has a custom print on it, only people internal to your company will be able to use it. Once any other kind of tape has been reapplied, it is obvious someone tampered with the package. As soon as you notice the package might have been opened, it is highly recommended to check the contents of the box to make sure nothing is missing. It is important to note that certain tapes tend to unbind when the box is overstuffed with product or under stuffed. To prevent the former from taking place, a thicker width tape with more adhesive needs to be used or simply a slightly bigger box if available. On the other hand, if a box is under stuffed, it is best to place the contents in a smaller box especially if the box is being shipped on its own. This is because it is almost guaranteed other, heavier boxes will be stacked on top of it. Once that happens, the tape on the package will start to unbind since the flaps will start to cave slightly. If you use gummed tape, you will not have this occur to your shipments. This is why it is important to do you research on what kind of packaging tapes are out there before committing to one.

Companies working in cold or freezer temperatures for example would need to use acrylic. As compared to polypropylene, PVC and gummed tape, acrylic is best in these environments. It is good to keep in mind that it binds best within 24 hours just like gummed tape. Also to be able to print your logo on it, unlike the other kinds of packaging tape, it is only possible to do so on the adhesive side. That means you shouldn’t have a big logo taking up more than 30% of a certain surface area of the tape.

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