What Are The Basics Of Term Insurance Plan?


The human mind is a sea of over thinking. Sometimes we over think of something happy with our loved ones that we even cherish in thought but, even slightly negative thought about our   to nowhere. If you are the bread earner of your family then you should be well aware of the importance of term insurance. Young India knows that getting something back at the end is not all that is required. Term insurance offers a transparent cover to the loved one in case of the unforeseen event like the demise of the policyholder. We all try to make the best arrangements possible for the secure future of our loved ones even if we are there or not. Following are the few Things to keep in mind while buying a term insurance plan –

  • Premium amount – Premium amount is the amount that one has to pay monthly, semi-annually or on annual basis for the fixed tenure of the term insurance policy.  One should be quiet calculative about the financial status, money that he/she can invest in the insurance policy as the premium amount. The insurance policy cost vary with various factors like age of the insured, health condition, type of responsibilities, a family’s future financial requirement of the policyholder and the type of life cover that one desire for
  • Returns are never a priority – Many people do not buy & compare term insurance plan as they do not offer any cover to the family members if the policyholder does not die in the policy tenure. But, sometimes it is all about security cover then return. It is better to lose some in order to save a greater amount. Also, some Term insurance plan offers a return in various ways so one should look for various plans like ULIPs or Endowment plans in order to get any type of benefit in term of the investment.
  • Suitable product – Have you ever thought that the party costume that your best friend looks stunning after wearing, why it doesn’t even look good while you carry it? It is because we all have different preference and choices. Insurance plan is such a wide and crucial concept that one has to look at all perspective before buying any one term insurance plan. Before buying any insurance look at the various factors like age, multiple riders, health condition and premium amount for the plan.
  • Customization of the Term insurance plan – There are various add-on covers that you can enjoy with the increased premium amount. These add-on covers are like accidental death and disability cover, terminal illness, critical illness, total and permanent disability covers and etc. One should choose a rider as per their specific requirements. Premium amount also increases with increase in the add-on cover.
  • Claim Settlement ratio – The claim settlement ratio of an insurance company helps one to understand the condition of a company in the insurance market. A company who helps the policyholder and his/her loved one in the hour of need should be preferred over the insurance company with more unsettled claim ratio records.
  • Choosing the term insurance tenure – It is advisable to buy a term insurance at an early age due to less health risk and less premium amount for the plan. If you buy a term insurance plan in young age then a longer policy period is advised. It is beneficial to choose the tenure of policy wisely as once fixed, the premium amount remains same for the entire policy period if any further riders are not bought, but, if a term insurance is bought in old age then premium amount also varies with the health condition.

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