Taking The Next Step In Business

Many of our readers choose to work from home, and do so for many years. Working in that way suits the way they live. Often it helps them to juggle the demands of their family life with needing to earn a living.

However, most company owners eventually end up taking the next step, which is to find business premises. Some are forced to make the move because their turnover reaches the point where working out of a home office is no longer viable. Others simply decide it is time to move their business out of the shed at the end of the garden, and put themselves on a more professional footing.

Regardless of why you choose to take the plunge and find business premises, this article is for you. Here we explain some of the things you need to consider when leasing the first office for your company.

The best office space you can afford

Most start-up companies do not have the turnover to justify leasing office space in Lloyds, or another landmark London building. However, you should not automatically assume that you could not afford office space in nearby blocks. Locating your company in a popular business district bring many benefits.

Access to a good client base

Firms that lease space in landmark buildings are at the top of their game. Often they have an annual turnover of millions.

These companies need good services, and they can afford to pay well for them. If you are located close to them, you can take advantage of this fact and secure some of that business for yourself. You only need a few big clients like this to take your business to the next level.

Close to a good transport network

Another reason for trying to locate your company in an area like this is that the transport network tends to be excellent. This makes it easier for you to commute to and from your office.

Studies show that locating your business in an area with good transport links makes it easier to find and retain good staff. It will also make your company more accessible to potential clients.

If you locate yourself in an area with a good reputation, it can also help to inspire confidence in your firm. A good business address really can give you an edge.

Can you pay the bill?

We do encourage you to lease good quality office space, but you should only do so if you are sure you can afford it. Bear in mind that you will likely be signing a long-term lease, so you need to be sure you can meet the terms of the contract.


Before signing the contract check what is included in the price. Pay particular attention to the services that are included. Think about what your business may need in the future. For example, will you want access to a meeting room for presentations?

Bearing the above points in mind will help you find the right premises for your company, which will make it easier for you to take your business to the next level.

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