Make Your SEO More Conversion Optimisation With These Tips

Both Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation have a symbiotic relationship.

In simple words, conversion optimisation and SEO need to work in tandem as it is the only way both practices can unlock the true potential of one another thus allowing your brand or business to reap the benefits.

According to an online marketing professional associated with Submitshop, by leveraging both SEO and CRO, you will be able to have a balanced marketing strategy that will put your brand ahead of the curve in no time.

So how do you ensure that your SEO practices are CRO-oriented?

Well, that is easy.

All you would need to do is follow the tips mentioned below –

Make sure you create conversion-oriented marketing content

Ask your content writers to craft marketing content that is clear and displays a sense of urgency by utilising strong CTA (Calls-To-Action) throughout the body of the content.

With that stated, be sure to ask your content writers to avoid overloading the post with keywords that might have high ‘hits’ but looks awful in an organic sentence.

For instance, ‘discount running shoes’ might have more hits according to your keyword planner but ‘running shoes’ will look great in an organic sentence and will lead to more conversions.

Get the points?

Make sure your online content is a mix of text and visuals

You should ask your SEO expert as well as members of your in-house team of content writers to create content that has a mix of both text and visuals.

Adding visual elements like infographics, charts, images, and even short videos makes a piece of mundane marketing content more appealing and engaging.

Furthermore, when your marketing content boasts a ton of visual elements, your TA will stick around for more. This will ensure that the conversion rate of your online portal goes up and not down.

Avoid using flash in your website/e-store design

If you use Flash in your website design or e-store layout then you are still stuck in an era that has passed.

According to modern-day web developers, Flash poses as a hurdle when it comes to designing an efficient website. It was okay when people only used their laptops and desktops to access a website or an e-store but since more than half of the online traffic comes from mobile devices these days, using Flash in your web-design leads to an increase in bounce rates for your online portal.

Flash eats up a lot of resources such as processing power and RAM of mobile devices thus keeping your TA from fully accessing your e-store or official website. Furthermore, Flash does not work well with web crawlers thereby negatively impacting the CRO factor of your website or e-store.

The best step forward is to ask your web developer to use nothing but HTML 5 for building your website or e-store. It is not only simple but also ensures that all audio and video files on your website or e-store, are easily accessible to your TA, irrespective of the device they are using to surf the same.

CRO and SEO are two sides of a coin that enables your business or brand to target its audience as well as build new connections seamlessly. When used properly, these two forces can also allow you to guide the behaviour of your TA. With that stated, be sure to seek professional assistance from a renowned online marketing company that specializes in CRO, for the best results.

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