Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction & Control Systems – A Major Essential For Any Industry

The journey of human civilisation began holding the hands of technical know-how that finally took the shape of industrialisation. Today, no economy can progress and become self-sufficient without it as agricultural land has a diminishing return of scale. At the same time, with a substantial increase in population agricultural produce alone is unable to suffice to live. Therefore, industries engaged in any kind of production produce some fine particles as a byproduct that is commonly referred to as dust. This dust is hazardous to human beings. Hence, a dust extraction system is required at every factory establishment.

Points to ponder about a dust extraction system:

  • Arresting high depreciation: Depreciation on a machine is common and every machine has a definite life. But, the higher the depreciation; the lower the machine’s life. Thus, a machine’s efficiency potentially reduces and this translates to a huge loss over a period of time. All these put together indicate that you must try to arrest the high rate of depreciation to the machines. That’s exactly where a dust extraction system plays an important role. In fact, such an extraction system is important to every industry irrespective of the nature of the business.     
  • Maintaining quality: Machines produce identical products. But, the crux is that unless your machines are cleaned from the dust particles instantaneously, they keep floating around in the air. Based on the nature of the industry, such particles can be very harmful to human beings as in the case of pesticides. These fine particles can cause respiratory problems, asthma, and cancer, for instance. You must, therefore, install dust extraction systems for all your machines at the factory premises.    
  • Maximising the ROI (Return on Investment): Accumulation of the dust particles in the machines works like cancer. Having said that, we mean, for the flawless performance of the machines at your factory, you must make those dust free. After all, dust gradually slows down a machine and it is responsible for high depreciation. Hence, you must install dust extraction systems at the factories that in turn help the machines run flawlessly during their life. Your production line becomes efficient and cost-effective with the optimum utilisation of the machines. All these contribute to ROI maximisation.   
  • Maintaining the health and safety standards: When you install dust extraction systems at the factory, the average health standard of your workers improves and they continue to perform bespoke to your need. On a holistic basis, this improved health and safety standard of your factory contributes to the bottom line of your business.
  • Reducing disaster: Dust formation causes high depreciation through friction. As a matter of fact, unless dust extraction systems are in place, the chances of disasters at the factory establishments increase manifold.

In general terms, a dust extraction system doesn’t fit all. Instead, you have to understand your exact requirement for such a system in the first place and install the same at your factory premises.

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