An Overview Of Birth Injury Litigation In Philadelphia

The occurrence of any type of injury, infection or even a small bruise that occurs on a baby near or during the time of birth is considered a birth injury. These injuries are the most devastating type of medical malpractices. This is because, while some injuries are minor and do not last for a long time, others can have a lifelong effect on the child.


The primary cause of such injuries is the negligence of the medical experts involved in the process of pregnancy, labor and then the delivery. Therefore, when such situations arise, you are eligible to file a birth injury lawsuit against the medical professionals to compensate your losses.

However, it is important for you to hire a lawyer who is well experienced and knowledgeable in such areas. If you need to file a birth injury lawsuit in Philadelphia, it is advised that you hire expert Attorneys of Cohen, Placitella and Roth.

There are many types of birth injuries, among which the most common ones are:

  • CephalohematomaThis injury refers to the bleeding caused under the cranial bones of the baby. Although this injury can heal within a few months, in a few cases, if the bleeding occurs in a large area, it can also lead to jaundice!
  • Brachial plexus palsy- the group of nerves that control the movement of the hand and arm are called brachial plexus. If this group of nerves is injured, they can get a brachial plexus. It usually takes place during a vaginal delivery and can cause the baby to lose the ability to move and rotate its arm.
  • Cerebral Palsy- This injury is caused by brain injuries that occur during the development of the baby’s brain. The baby can suffer a head trauma or lack of oxygen supply to the brain if the birth is very difficult. Incidents such as meningitis or infection can also lead to injuries such as cerebral palsy. This injury can cause permanent impairment and loss of motor functions.
  • Collarbone Fracture- This is one of the most common injuries that occur in babies during deliveries that involve shoulder dystocia. Although such injuries do not take a long time to recover from, they can still limit and restrict the baby’s movement.
  • Caput Succedaneum- This injury usually happens in babies that are delivered with the help of vacuum extractions. Here, a swelling takes place of the short tissues in the baby’s scalp. Although it resolves without any issues, it is still an injury best avoided.

Now that you know the common injuries, let’s see how you can get help through birth injury litigation:

Most people feel reluctant to file lawsuits over birth injuries, as it seems very hectic and stressful. This is because the parents need to devote a lot of time in the aftermath of such injuries to take care of their child. However, taking help from experienced lawyers can relieve much of their stress by taking over the responsibility of fighting for your rights.

Through birth injury litigation can help recover damages like:

  • All medical expenses including the ones from the past, present, and future.
  • Recover the wages lost due to providing medical care to the disabled child.
  • Healthcare services including therapy, rehabilitation, specialized medical equipment and counseling.
  • Compensation for the pain, emotional distress, and suffering experienced by the affected family.

Birth injury cases are often very complex and difficult to prove. Therefore, it is best to consult with attorneys who have the appropriate knowledge and experience in this field, within the valid period of time.

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