What Are The Advantages Of Using Cloud Based HR Software?

If you’re looking to improve your Human Resources (HR) management, isn’t it time you thought about a new system? One that can do everything you’re doing already, but in  far more flexible and efficient way?


Cloud based HR software provides a fully featured, yet customisable, solution for HR Management Systems (HRMS) that is both cost-effective and simple to use.

What’s more, cloud based HR software such as PeopleCare is fully mobile enabled and modular, so its also fully customisable to exactly fit your needs.

Cloud based HR software provides a multitude of solutions to eliminate disorganised and fragmented paper-based HR systems, by moving every aspect of your HR processes online.

Some of the advantages of using cloud based HR software are :-

  • suitable for all sizes of companies, from SME to international organisations
  • reduces payroll and HR administration
  • extremely high standards of data integrity and security
  • simple to deploy
  • excellent customer support team for any queries
  • easy to manage
  • modular, flexible system – only use the packages that you need
  • increased productivity
  • reduce waste/paper usage
  • documents can be shared and organised faster online
  • increased employee engagement
  • rewards and recognition

Capabilities of cloud based HR software

With the flexibility an online HRMS brings, a multitude of HR functions and capabilities can be incorporated such as :-

  • track and plan career development
  • manage training programs
  • team/individual communication
  • alerts and notifications to individuals and groups when new requests are posted
  • simple absence and holiday management
  • analytics and data enable measurement of KPIs and reports
  • expense management
  • payroll manager
  • management of recruitment
  • personal development and training monitoring
  • company directory
  • checks for compliance
  • employees can select benefits in a flexible manner, such as shopping discounts

Everyone benefits by using cloud based HR software

By moving to cloud based HR software, a company can not only manage their employees and processes more effectively, but also increase employee engagement.

HR processes will be dealt with in little time, leading to faster processing and less disruption to the employee.

Employees will actually enjoy what used to be laborious – submitting timesheets, holiday requests, expenses etc.

Employees will be engaged with the company more, due to online alerts and notifications rather than reading emails or paper documentation.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using cloud based HR software is increased employee engagement, which in turns make HR management much easier. HR departments are sometimes seen as an interruption for employees, often distracting them from their core work.

With a HRMS that welcomes the employee, and makes managing HR processes a joy for employee and HR managers alike, everybody benefits. HR processes are completed swiftly, leaving the employee to focus on their work sooner, which in turn increases productivity and profitability for the company.

With all these advantages of using a cloud based HR software, isn’t it time you looked into what a HRMS could do for your company?

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