Author: Jesse Semmens

3 Ways To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

According to recent statistics, over 50% of Americans live beyond their means. Nearly 60% say that they aren’t putting savings away or planning for their retirement years. These numbers are startling considering that the United States is considered one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. 

Reason Behind Avoiding A Refinancing

Refinancing current loans can be a beneficial move for some borrowers. The lower interest rates can help them make their payments more affordable. Also, a lower interest rate can reduce the money they have to pay each month and even shorter their repayment term. That can mean thousands of dollars in savings over the loan […]

These Are Common Investing Mistakes You Should Know

Having Unrealistic Expectations Or Basing One’s Own Hopes On Those Of Others When investing for the long term, it is important to build a diverse portfolio that can generate acceptable returns while mitigating risk in a range of market conditions. But no one can forecast or control what returns the market will actually give, even […]

Assessing The Importance Of ERP Software In A Business

Before planning a solid implementation of ERP software into core processes, every business needs to assess its specific business needs honestly. While there are good reasons for most companies to choose ERP software, the final decision is based on an objective assessment of immediate business needs and timelines. Companies must ask themselves these preliminary questions […]