The Simplest Thing You Can Do To Protect Your Gold Jewellery

Jewellery is expensive and in some cases it is special and for those reasons it should be taken care of. A lot of people do not give much thought to their gold when they get on with their lives. For instance, they do not think about taking their jewellery off when they go swimming. You know that putting sunscreen will protect your skin, but what happens to your fine jewellery when you jump into the pool.

The gold used in making jewellery isn’t as pure as gold used to make bullion coins or bars, but that does not mean jewellery is less valuable. Besides the value of the gold itself, jewellery could also have some sentimental value. So, should take good care of it.

There is normal wear and tear that you can expect your jewellery to go through over time. The damage from oxidation or exposure to the elements happens gradually but you can do something to protect your gold, especially from damage that can occur because of exposure to minerals in the water or chemicals that are put in pool water to keep it clean. These can speed up oxidation and leave your jewellery looking a little less lustrous than it should. You want to keep your gold looking relatively good when you do decide to take it to a cash for gold Brisbane dealer at some point.

What about damage to jewellery from tap water or from those showers you take on a daily basis? The water that comes out of your tap probably does not have harsh chemicals that could react with your gold. Water and soap from showering or washing dishes won’t damage your gold either. It can actually help remove dirt particles and skin oils that cling to your jewellery, however, when you have precious gems, these can lose their shine over time from soap scum. Soap scum can also accumulate in the crevices of your jewellery.

Summers can be quite hot, Australian summers are known to be scorchers so taking a dip in the pool or going to the beach for a swim is one summer activity that people love. Swimming pool water contains chlorine which is used to clean the water. Chlorine is not good for certain metals. It reacts differently with different metals and can damage gemstones. Hot tubs are the worst because the high temperature will speed up any chemical reactions that may occur.

Swimming in saltwater might be less damaging, but salt is corrosive. You may not see the damage immediately, but if you swim in the ocean often enough, you will get to see the damage eventually. Most people lose their jewellery in the ocean and on the beach. It is hard to recover jewellery on the beach, but then those weekend treasure hunters who go up and down the beaches with metal detectors would have no way of making a living.

The moral of the story is that it is best to remove your jewellery before you go swimming as well as before taking a shower or bath. If you value your jewellery as you should, you will do everything you can to protect and keep it safe until you do make the decision to get cash for gold Brisbane.

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